A themed guide to provide support and inspiration to keep your mind fresh.

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, professional cricketers, like the rest of society, are living in unprecedented times with careers on hold and the season delayed until at least August 1.

To support all members, the PCA’s Personal Development and Welfare Programme has adapted to the current climate to provide support via various platforms.

Launched on March 20, the PCA’s Social Isolation Guide was a resource available to past and present players, as well as the public to help keep your mind active. You can view the catalogue of information and suggestions from all updates since march via the button below.

This guide has now developed into six suggestions which will be updated on a weekly basis as you can see below.

Weekly Watch

  • Fire in Babylon

The 2010 film that charts the West Indies cricket team of the ‘70s and ‘80s amongst the backdrop of the political and societal challenges that they faced. What can be learnt from this film as we look for ways of overcoming racism and participation barriers to make our sport accessible and loved by all? WATCH HERE

Weekly Read

  • How to Argue With a Racist, by Adam Rutherford

This book unpacks racial stereotypes through exploring and understanding human evolution, genetics and public discourse on politics, migration, education sport and intelligence. A great read for those looking to understand how science and history can be used to tackle divisive opinions and actions. Also available as a audiobook with Audible. READ HERE

  • Dion Dublin says ‘I’m sick of T-shirts, I just want action’ on racism

This BBC article breaks down the conversation between Dion Dublin and Micah Richardson on the ongoing fight to kick racism out of football. Dublin asks whether kneeling at the start of the game and all match shirts replacing players names with ‘Black Lives Matter’ does enough and whether the governing bodies can do more to make actual change. READ HERE

Podcast of the Week

  • Racism Through Cricket’s Lens – PCA Vodcast

In light of recent events, the PCA hosted a panel discussion led by David Fulton, featuring Mark Butcher, Michael Carberry, Isa Guha and Dean Headley and they provided their considered thoughts and the response needed on equality and diversity within cricket.

Racism Through Cricket’s Lens

Led by David Fulton, listen to a vodcast which focuses on cricket's relationship with racism and what the game can do to improve...

Sector in Focus

  • Equality and Diversity officer

Equality and diversity officers aim to reduce workplace discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. Equality and diversity officers help to maintain a diverse workforce, which is recognised as key to a successful business. In most cases, a diversity officer is required to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Possible undergraduate degree programs or classes include business administration, human resources and cultural diversity. With a salary range between £22k-£50k

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Course in Focus

  • Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity

This free online course provides an overview of the main landmarks and institutions in the fight for gender equality and the rights of sexual minorities. Slowly but surely professional sports are seeing a greater diversification of the workforce, with female coaches in football and the NFL gaining employment in the male game. Through developing insight and understanding of what has happened in wider society, we can look at how this can be replicated in cricket.

Click here for further information and to get started.

Upcoming Webinar

  • Racism at Work webinar series: Managing Micro-incivilities in the Workplace

Louise Weston explores how we can challenge micro-incivilities which are commonplace behaviours or aspects of a working environment that can make people feel they don’t belong or are not welcome. This webinar is a great starting point for those who want to understand more about how words and actions can influence the changing room environment and impact team members.

View the webinar.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions to add to this guide please speak to your Personal Development Manager or email communications@thepca.co.uk.