A themed guide to provide support and inspiration to keep your mind fresh.

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, professional cricketers, like the rest of society, are living in unprecedented times with careers on hold and the season delayed until at least August 1.

To support all members, the PCA’s Personal Development and Welfare Programme has adapted to the current climate to provide support via various platforms.

Launched on March 20, the PCA’s Social Isolation Guide was a resource available to past and present players, as well as the public to help keep your mind active. You can view the catalogue of information and suggestions from all updates since march via the button below.

This guide has now developed into six suggestions which will be updated on a weekly basis as you can see below.

Weekly Watch

  • Senna

This beautifully made documentary from British director Asif Kapadia looks at Ayrton Senna’s life and unfortunate death doing the thing he loved most. Themes of spirituality, determination and natural talent run through the film using footage throughout his life that explores one of racings true greats. Currently available of Amazon Prime Video.

Weekly Read

  • The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

In the number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, Gary Keller has identified that behind every successful person is their ONE Thing. No matter how success is measured, personal or professional, only the ability to dismiss distractions and concentrate on your ONE Thing stands between you and your goals. The ONE Thing is about getting extraordinary results in every situation. READ HERE

Podcast of the Week

  • Follow Through with LVB – #6 Fake it to Make it Journey with Jeetan Patel

PCA member and former Derbyshire player Logan van Beek is on a mission to help people find a direction to walk towards and has started a podcast to have deep conversations about their journey. In this episode Jeetan Patel (NZ and Warwickshire) opens up about the highs and lows of his professional and international career, his transition in and out of the game and being part of something that is more than just winning. A great listen that many players will identify with. LISTEN HERE

Sector in Focus

  • Financial Adviser

Through specialist knowledge of the financial market, investments and money management, Financial advisers support their clients with advice and strategies to manage and maximise their money. Becoming a financial adviser can be achieved without a degree through undertaking qualifications such as the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and has been a successful post-cricket career for many professionals as it requires excellent interpersonal skills, developing and utilising large networks and highly motivated, target-driven individuals. In many cases, Financial advisers can be self-employed which enables a flexible working schedule, including travel to meeting clients and customers so this may not be the typical 9-5 office job. Salary levels vary but this role can be financially rewarding depending on relationships with clients and work ethic. There are many routes into this role however St. James’s Place Academy is a training program that may be suitable for those leaving the game.

For more information on how to get into this role via St. James’s Place click here.

Course in Focus

  • Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, Chartered Insurance Institute

DipRFP is a flexible, self-taught Level 4 qualification that develops core technical knowledge and financial planning capabilities across six core areas. Core units are separate from each other allowing you to work at your own pace through learning manuals which are followed by an exam. This is a minimum qualification required to become a Financial Adviser (though there are other options) and meetings the Financial Conduct Authority’s regulated standards. Due to the nature of the course it can be done alongside your cricket career or part on in-job learning and is part of the St. James’s Place Academy training process. Click here for further information and to get started.

Upcoming Webinar

  • How to Keep Motivated During Lockdown:  Strategies for maintaining focus & build resilience, Thursday 28th May, midday

Rick Cotgreave is a Principal Consultant at Lane4 who have previously delivered at the Futures Conference. In this webinar Rick will look at how the current lockdown will be impacting your wellbeing and challenging your resilience and how you can keep motivated to train, develop and prosper whilst there is no cricket.

Contact your PDM or email communications@thepca.co.uk to secure your place.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions to add to this guide please speak to your Personal Development Manager or email communications@thepca.co.uk.