Since 2015, the World Anti-Doping Code came into effect, covering all sports across every country.

The changes that cricketers and support personnel should be aware of are as follows:

  • Increased sanction of four years for serious offences
  • Less series offences are now likely to receive a two-year sanction
  • There are now two more anti-doping violations, complicity and prohibited associations, taking the total to ten

The ECB issues revised anti-doping rules at the start of every year in line with the requirements of the WADA code. It is of the upmost importance that all players, coaches and support staff familiarise themselves with the anti-doping regulations.

Recreational Drugs

In addition to the ongoing Anti-Doping Programme, ECB operate a Recreational Drugs Programme which has been developed in partnership by ECB, PCA and the first-class counties. It is intended to fill a gap in the WADA Code and Prohibited List to screen for illicit substances out of competition.

As part of this process all registered professional cricketers provide hair samples for analysis. Hair samples are utilised as they provide a much longer window of detection for recreational drugs.

The primary objective of the policy is to identify players who may have serious issues with substance abuse and ensure that they are provided with the most appropriate course of treatment. Only if the player fails to comply, or commits a second violation, are they liable to sanction and public disclosure.

Positive tests for recreational drugs following in-competition tests conducted under the anti-doping programme by UKAD continue to be dealt with in accordance with anti-doping rules. Counselling and treatment would still be made available to the player.

Please note players must complete the tutorial that is sent to you via email and not by watching the video below. Any problems please contact

Play Recreational Drugs Video

Further Information

  • To check your medications go to if you aren’t sure or can’t run your search, ask someone to help
  • There is also a lot of useful information at
  • ECB also have a dedicated Anti-Doping section on their website
  • The ECB Anti-Doping and Illicit Drugs Programme Manager James Fuller can be contacted on or 07785 517 134
  • PCA Confidential Helpline 0844 800 6873
  • If you have any questions please contact PCA Director of Member Services Ian Thomas, or 0792 0575 578