Contract Advice & Negotiation

The PCA offers contract advice and negotiation services to all its members, providing support on contractual matters, salary benchmarking and handling the negotiations on behalf of the individual.

In 2020, the service was reviewed with an updated policy put in place to provide clarity on the PCA’s involvement in the area of contractual advice. To view the document, log in to the PCA website and visit our legal advice page. Agents and directors of cricket wishing to view the document should contact Rich Hudson on 07375 414694 or at

How does this process work?

  • The PCA offers help from the start of the negotiations until the very end
  • They liaise with the club
  • Provide a guide of salary ranges set by county benchmarking
  • Take into consideration the thoughts of the players and how to put them across
  • Assist players with how to present their case and negotiate their own contracts
  • Circulating the details of its members to potential new clubs
  • Providing the above information in reverse to coaches
  • Helping set up loan opportunities
  • Help with winter release agreements and winter contract structures

The contract advice and negotiation service is also there to provide guidance on all other contractual matters including:

  • Endorsements
  • Appearances
  • Agency agreements
  • Overseas contracts
  • No Objection certificates


Tammy Beaumont

England Women

The PCA is a brilliant sounding board for every contractual area of a player’s life and I have used them for commercial contracts, playing contracts and agency contracts. I am reassured that they have my best interests at heart.’

Hassan Azad


‘As a latecomer with little experience or knowledge of the financial side of cricket, I turned to the PCA for advice. The advice was clearly well informed with my best interests at heart. The negotiation was handled with sensitivity and nuance, keeping me informed at every step, resulting in an outcome that exceeded expectations. ‘

Wasim Khan

Former Leicestershire CEO

‘I have always felt that the PCA provide a very good, unbiased and straightforward service in negotiating contracts on behalf of players, particularly the younger ones. The PCA have always been very fair in their dealings with us as a club and I know that this sentiment is echoed across all the first-class counties.’

Giles White

Hampshire Director of Cricket

‘The PCA provides informed and straightforward advice for players.  The number that use them when negotiating their contracts continues to grow, they offer an excellent service and we will continue recommend the PCA to any of the Hampshire players.’

For more information contact Rich Hudson on 07375 414694 or