The PCA provides members with Travel and Career Disablement Insurance as part of the annual membership fee.

The PCA provides members with Travel and Career Ending Injury Insurance as part of the annual membership fee.

As members there is also an opportunity to secure further cover to provide a higher level of insurance as well as to access preferential rates on other insurances including car and home cover.

Kerry London work closely with the PCA to provide your insurance for Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) cover and travel insurance which covers you, your spouse or partner and any dependent children. Kerry London can also offer insurance to cover a Cricketer’s Hundred or Franchise income.

Kerry London, together with the PCA, recommends increasing your cover to suit your specific needs. Speak to us to find out how you can best protect yourself and your loved ones.

For help with any insurance needs, or to top-up your cover contact Kerry London on: 01923 211 290 or

Career Ending Injury Insurance

The PCA provides cover for all its playing members (who are not otherwise insured by the ECB), who may suffer a career ending injury or sickness.

Cover includes:

  • Overseas players contracted to a county, but only whilst playing within the UK and for their county overseas
  • MCC Young Professionals
  • Players registered with a county (but not under full contract), whilst participating in or travelling to or from matches and training sessions.
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Cover is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy, a copy of which can be provide on request.

Up to age 21£50,000
Age 22 to 27 inc.£120,000
Age 28 to 29 inc.£100,000
Age 30 to 33 inc.£75,000
All Other£40,000

Critical Illness Cover

All current players benefit from a £100,000 pay-out in the event of being diagnosed with a Critical Illness as covered under the advanced levels of the policy contained on page 14 of the user guide. Further, if the child of any member is diagnosed with a Critical Illness, they will receive a pay-outs of £25,000. The addition of this policy was enabled via the partnership the PCA secured with Vitality in 2022.

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Travel Insurance

As a current professional cricket player, you are covered by a 365-day a year travel policy, that includes travelling abroad.

Any travel insurance requirements for overseas pre-season cricket with your county/region should be covered by your Club.

2024 Information:

1. There is a £250 excess on all non-medical claims.  If your potential claim falls below £250 we will be unable to process a non-medical claim.

2. Please remember that booking your holidays/flights with a credit card gives you another level of protection and it is always worth doing this.

3. Since 2021 the PCA cannot guarantee the travel policy, through Allianz, will respond to cancellation cover due to the “known issue” that is COVID. You should not expect short term notice bookings to places with known issues to be covered.

As current players you are covered by a 365-day a year travel policy. You are covered to travel abroad and play professional cricket for up to 12 months. Any travel insurance requirements for overseas pre-season cricket with your county/region should be covered by your Club.

  • There is a £250 excess on all non-medical claims.
  • Allowed to make multiple trips.
  • Cover includes married partner and children where applicable.

Please note that unmarried partners of members and/or officials, who are not their lawful spouse or legally recognised civil partner, are covered by our travel policy, but only whilst accompanying the respective PCA member/official unless they reside at the same address and then full cover is offered.

If you need a doctor or dentist while away please pay for treatment there and then. Once you have returned, please call Ali Prosser on 07769 880888 or email for a claims form.

  • Please note all claims must be logged within 28-days of the occurrence.

Similarly, X-rays, scans and emergency physiotherapy should also be paid for at the time and only be carried out after a doctor’s referral (if not, your claim may not be paid on return to the UK). Full receipts should be kept in all instances. Ongoing multiple treatments whilst overseas should be reported to Ali Prosser for the claim to be logged on a claim form.

Only in an emergency or if hospitalisation is needed is it necessary to call the Emergency line detailed below, to notify the insurer of the situation. Emergency Assistance Provider is Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) and the emergency contact numbers are:

Pre-travel Helpline: +44 (0)208 603 9517

Medical Advice Line: +44(0)208 603 9517

Emergency Medical Assistance Service: +44 (0)208 603 9517

Following changes to EU law claims for compensation for flight delays involving an EU airline or a flight originating in the EU (including associated additional hotel expenses) must be directed to the relevant airline in the first instance.

Allianz Insurance

Policy number no: 07/SZ/26611742/01

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Past player travel insurance:

Comprehensive cover from A-One Insurance, providing cover for past players and their families for Single Trip, Annual Multi-Trip and Backpackers & Long Stay for up to 12 months. Our policies offer cover for many pre-existing medical conditions with low excesses. Our policies enjoy being underwritten by double-A rated insurer Axa, the Number 1 travel insurance underwriter* . as well as other leading insurers.

When considering A-One Insurance for Travel Insurance there are a number of benefits:

  • Underwritten by AXA: Number 1 travel insurance underwriter*
  • Terrorism Cover
  • Many pre-existing medical conditions covered
  • Business trips covered (non-manual workers only)
  • Winter sports cover available
  • Many sporting activities covered as standard
  • A 24hr emergency assistance and claims service, based in the UK and handled entirely by one organisation

*Axa UK Corporate Facts

To get a personal quote please contact: Richard Pettifer (, 01425 486513)

Private Healthcare


Designed by cricketers for current cricketers, the Trust has been established for the benefit of you as players whilst within the County structure. It is overwhelmingly supported by the Counties as providing the most efficient and tailored set of medical benefits and tax advantages for professional cricketers.

Dependants can be included at the set subscription rates and the Trust provides referral and access to the country’s top sports treatment and rehabilitation specialists.


Private medical insurance for when you leave the professional game

WPA are a Health Insurance specialist providing cover for individuals, families and businesses of any size. WPA have been providing health Insurance for over 120 years and Chris Nash (ex Sussex and Notts CCC) will advise and guide you through the process of arranging private medical insurance for your families and when you leave the professional game.

As a PCA member Chris understands the needs of sports people and their families and will be your point of contact. If you have a policy in place and would like to review the cover provided or you are looking to take out a policy for yourself and your family Chris will be able to offer you advice and assistance.

As a PCA member taking out a policy with WPA you will be supporting the Professional Cricketers’ Trust ensuring support can be given to those members in need.

Contact Chris Nash – or 07773786113 for any further information.

A-One Insurance

A-One Insurance are independent insurance brokers with a passion for providing advice. Whether providing cover for an individual, a family or a business they take away the stress of trawling through the countless policies available by having a clear conversation with their clients to establish the best policy for their needs.

Alex McNiven, backed up by his team, will be your main point of contact when considering a new policy and at every step thereafter, including policy renewal and any questions you may have throughout the policy year including claims.

By conducting thorough market reviews at each renewal Alex will ensure you have a policy which continues to provide comprehensive cover, at a competitive price, year after year.

A-One Insurance proudly support the Professional Cricketers’ Trust and the wonderful work they do.

For more information contact Alex McNiven – or 07500874988 / 01425486537.

Income Protection

If you have your career curtailed by injury or illness which prevents you from playing cricket, you may be entitled to make an income protection claim, subject to a successful claim process.

To qualify you must be a contributor to the ECB group personal pension scheme and payment is subject to full medical evidence.

ECB Permanent Total Disablement from Cricket Insurance Age brackets:

  • Up to 29                150% of salary
  • 30                          125% of salary
  • 31                          100% of salary
  • 32                            75% of salary
  • 33                            50% of salary
  • 34                            25% of salary
  • 35 and over               0% of salary

If you require a copy of this policy please contact the PCA who will be able to organise this for you.

Payable after six months of not being able to play cricket. Lump sum benefits will be established based on the age of the cricketer at the time of injury. Please refer to benefit

Contact PCA Director of Member Services Ian Thomas – for any further information