In Brief

The PCA runs a multi-faceted Personal Development and Welfare Programme (PDWP) which is accessible to all current and former professional cricketers.

The twin aims of the programme are:

  • To improve the performance of cricketers through easing and minimising potential distractions during their playing career
  • To better prepare cricketers for life after cricket

To perform at the highest level a cricketer must manage demands on and off the pitch. It is easy to ignore the bigger picture when striving for cricketing excellence, ignoring aspects of their lives as they fit it into training and competing.

Specialist Guidance

Trained Personal Development Managers (PDMs) provide support and guidance to players on a variety of issues such as education, career and family whilst keeping their cricketing focus. Their aim is to work closely with the players, coaches and support staff to minimise potential concerns and distractions which could adversely affect a players’ performance or career.

The PDWP has seven areas of support:

  • Dual Aspirations: Providing a player educational support and helping develop a parallel career through structured work placements.
  • Elite player and environment preparation: Educating the player in all facets of becoming a professional cricketer, ranging from alcohol awareness to leadership & decision making.
  • Interpersonal skill development: Working with players to improve their professional personal skills, such as negotiating and media training.
  • Experiential learning: Learning skills such as decision making, accountability and perspective.
  • Self-awareness and management: Support on skills that only affect the individual such as time management, financial planning and nutritional cooking.
  • Personal welfare and wellbeing: How to best utilise your support staff and access to help for complex issues such as gambling, alcohol and drugs.
  • Transitional support: Educational support using a referral network to help players’ anticipation and manage change through sport.

Course Options & Funding

The PCA has been running taster courses for over ten years. It gives players the chance to develop new transferable skills or enhance existing ones, whilst trying out potential careers when they step away from the game.

The PCA funds 50% of individual personal development courses up to a maximum of £1,500 (e.g. a £3,000 course qualifies for a reimbursement of £1,500).

Education and training options are becoming increasingly flexible to suit the needs of any individual that is looking to continue with their education and professional development alongside their cricket.

From short one-day professional courses to six-year part-time higher education degree courses, the options are wide and varied . For PCA members you are encouraged to log-in to find out more or speak to your Personal Development Manager.

Apply for Education Funding

Rookie Camp

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Personal Development Scholarship Awards

The PCA rewards the most proactive members, past or present, for significant personal development with a significant financial reward that can be used to cover costs of their progression towards a second career.

The awards are judged on a number of criteria, such as courses undertaken, qualifications earned and work placements undertaken.

If members are interested in finding out more information on the Scholarship Awards please log-in to find out more information.

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Interview Skills & The Job Search

The Personal Development Managers provide training services to help players brush up on skills that could help them further their career off the cricket pitch.

Transition Conference

The PCA provides comprehensive support throughout a players’ career and none more so than transitioning into a career beyond the cricket field.

The inaugural PCA Transition Conference took place in November 2017 to supplement the work that the PCA’s six-strong team of Personal Development and Welfare Managers do in preparing players for a career after cricket throughout their playing days.

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