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and their immediate families when they need it most.
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Formerly known as the PCA Benevolent Fund

The Professional Cricketers’ Trust is a registered charity created to support the life-long health and wellbeing of PCA members and their immediate family.

Today’s game is faster, more competitive, more public and more pressurised than ever before. Even the happiest professional career in cricket means long stretches away from home and financial uncertainty driven by short-term contracts.

The average cricket career comes to an end at the age of just 26.

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Support network

Few careers carry so much uncertainty as that of a professional cricketer but thanks to the Professional Cricketers' Trust, past and present players have a vital support network which helps them to prepare for and readjust in the world beyond cricket.

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We are a Community

Our sport might be individualistic, but as a community, we look after our own. Whether you play for a men’s team or women’s team, for a week or a decade, every professional cricketer in England and Wales is a life-long member of the PCA; and that means you can count on the Professional Cricketers’ Trust for support.

Our 24-hour confidential helpline means we’re your first port of call, day or night. You’re never a number with the Professional Cricketers’ Trust. We’re big enough to make a difference, but small enough to offer personal guidance through turbulence and upheaval.


We are here for you

As professional cricket’s leading charity, we offer welfare, education and a helping hand during difficult times. We fund life-changing assistance for you and your closest family, whether your situation is related to your cricket career, or not. From medical care and mental health counselling to preventative educational programmes and help with addiction, we’re proud to say we’re here for you when you need us most.

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Why Relaunch?

The Professional Cricketers’ Trust is a registered charity which has operated as the PCA’s “Professional Cricketers’ Trust” for many years. We have restructured and renamed our organisation to better reflect the people we help every day. As our cricket family grows, so does our scope and ambition for new and ground-breaking projects, particularly in the fields of mental health and preventative education.
We offer life-changing assistance for PCA members and their families. Relaunching The Professional Cricketers’ Trust with a modern identity will help us embrace new challenges and attract the funding necessary to meet the growing responsibilities of our sport’s leading charity.
With David Graveney as President, Chairman David Ford and a multitude of Directors including former England opening batsman Marcus Trescothick, the Trust is now set to expand its duty in supporting current and former professional players in times of need.


Our History

Harold Goldblatt, a London-based accountant, was a key figure in the formation of the charity after being heavily involved in the creation of the PCA in 1967. He established the Cricketers’ Association Charity in 1975 which used money from over-rate fines imposed by the Test and County Cricket Board on players to help cricketers who had fallen on hard times after they left the game.
When over-rate fines were abolished, the funding for the Charitable Trust dwindled and the decision was taken to establish the PCA Professional Cricketers' Trust, with high-profile fundraising events to generate more revenue to help more members. The Charitable Trust and Professional Cricketers' Trust eventually merged.
The Professional Cricketers' Trust was officially registered as a charity in 2007 to help players and their immediate family in times of hardship and upheaval. With assistance ranging from medical advice, provision of specialist equipment, funding operations and proving support for other health and wellbeing issues.



In October 2018, the PCA Professional Cricketers' Trust relaunched as the Professional Cricketers' Trust, a move to allow the charity to have its own identity with both the Trust restructuring to better reflect the people they help every day.
As the cricket family grows, so does the scope and ambition for new and ground-breaking projects, particularly in the fields of mental health and preventative education.
Major fundraising for the Professional Cricketers' Trust happens all-year round with the NatWest PCA Awards proving to be the biggest fundraising night of the year.

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