Education and training options are becoming increasingly flexible to suit the needs of any individual that is looking to continue their education and personal development.

When considering a course, it is important to think what is appropriate for the current level of commitments you may have. There are many courses available, ranging from short one-day professional courses to a six year part-time higher education degree.

We encourage all members to speak to their Personal Development Manager for further clarification and advice on identifying the right course.

The PCA will fund 50% of an individual’s personal development course up to a maximum of £1,500 per year.


  • Member must pay for the course in full and return receipt of payment and Educational Funding Form to PCA.
  • Member must complete any course that he receives funding for. University fee clarification – university fees will be supported (to a maximum of £1,500 per annum). However, policy dictates that funding will not be granted if you attend university prior to becoming a professional cricketer.
  • All applications will be paid subject to available funds at any point in time.
  • MCC YC’s will only be covered for development funding during their time as a contracted / employed cricketer at MCC.
  • All applications will be looked at and considered on their individual merit and must follow the PCA Education Funding Policy below.
  • From 1st January 2023 the PCA have reviewed and amended their education funding policy.  Unfortunately the PCA are no longer able to part fund education claims that are being fully funded by the Student Loan Company.  The PCA will honour all claims up until 31st December 2022, on its current funding policy.The PCA recognises that this should not affect any educational pursuits as members will still have access to be supported by the Student Loan Company.The PCA education funding policy aims to support as many current or past members as possible.Any concerns around this policy change should in the first instance be directed to your Personal Development Manager.
Education Funding Policy

Funding Application Form

Complete your application for educational funding BELOW and for all funding enquiries contact your regional PDM or alternatively PCA’s Director of Member Services, Ian Thomas on

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