A response from the PCA regarding the diversity and equality within professional cricket.

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“Recent events across the world, have highlighted the need for all sections of society to address discrimination, prejudice and inequality of opportunity based on race and ethnicity. This is a time not just to listen but to act and to deliver change.

“Like other sports cricket is not immune and must therefore also deal with these issues.  The PCA is listening to the concerns expressed by its own members. It has reached out and spoken to all current black players in order to gain a greater understanding of the issues they face, to learn from their experiences, and to see what their players’ association can do to support them and future generations of professional cricketers in England and Wales.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has placed emphasis on equality for black people and it has reinforced the need for greater inclusion across all communities within professional cricket.

“The PCA is committed to ensuring that the game is free from any form of direct or indirect discrimination.”

“The PCA is now in the process of forming a working group of PCA members to lead our response and to help shape a stronger policy in regards to equality and diversity in the game.

“In addition, we have begun the process of engagement with other players’ associations to develop best practice in the education of everyone in the game aimed at a greater understanding of, and respect for, diversity.

“We propose to work with the ECB to review codes of conduct, and where necessary establish further appropriate measures, to ensure that everyone in professional cricket is held accountable for any form of racist or discriminatory conduct.

“The PCA is committed to ensuring that the game is free from any form of direct or indirect discrimination.”

In light of recent events, the PCA hosted a panel discussion led by David Fulton, featuring Mark Butcher, Michael Carberry, Isa Guha and Dean Headley and they provided their considered thoughts and the response needed on equality and diversity within cricket.

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