Peploe one of four former cricketers raising funds for Professional Cricketers' Trust on April 28.

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Former Middlesex bowler Chris Peploe is to run the London Marathon this weekend for the Professional Cricketers’ Trust.

The 37-year-old played 71 professional games between 2003-2011 and continues to play Minor Counties cricket for Berkshire.

Since Peploe’s final professional outing, he has decided to stay in the sport and currently works as a Cricket Professional at The Oratory school in Reading.

Peploe is one of four members who have been selected to run for the Trust this April alongside, James Kettleborough, Lewis Hatchett and Paul Dixey. Formerly known as the PCA Benevolent Fund, the Cricketers’ Trust purpose is to support the lifelong health and wellbeing of all PCA members and their immediate families.

The leading cricketing charity provides support both reactively and proactively with a passion to help educate PCA members on all issues to refute problems in the future.

Ahead of the London Marathon on Sunday 28 April, the former spin bowler gave the Trust an insight into his preparation…

  • Why are you running for the Professional Cricketers’ Trust?
  • It’s an honour to raise money for a cause that’s close to my heart. The ‘Benevolent Fund’ as it used to be called assisted me through some personal issues on leaving the professional game.
  • What does the Trust mean to you?
  • The ‘Trust’ to me is a vital support network for current and ex professional cricketers whose value is indisputable, as the work they do is life defining and changing on so many levels.

  • What direction did your life take after cricket?
  • Post cricket was a challenging time for me. It took me a while to figure out where my life was going. It’s a decade now since I left the Professional game, but I am very happy to say my life still heavily revolves around the game. I am currently the Cricket Professional at the Oratory School and I am still playing for the very successful Berkshire CCC in the minor counties set up.
  • What made you decide to run a marathon?
  • I’ve always wanted to run the London Marathon as a London lad. It’s a bucket list goal of mine and I can’t wait to do it supporting the Trust.
  • Have you done any marathons or challenges for charity before? If so, please explain…
I have run one marathon 9 years ago. I was supposed to run in Vienna, but sadly an ash cloud from a volcano meant I couldn’t get there. This meant running a far less glamorous marathon in Norfolk.
  • How is training going?
  • I started in January at a very heavy 115kgs with a very low base of fitness. I’m currently 99kgs and feeling the best I have in years. This said my anxieties are building, as I am turning 38 two days before the marathon and its been 9 years since my last one.

  • Best piece of advice you’ve been given?
  • Don’t do it!!!
  • How do you plan to get around? Do you have a finishing time in mind?
  • 9 years ago I ran a 4hr.00.23sec marathon and I set myself the challenge of going sub 4hrs this time around. But experience tells me that might be a little naive. So I am hoping for between 4-4.5hrs, if I achieve that, I will be over the moon.
  • If you could compare your running style to a current or former cricketer – who would it be?
  • I would love to say I’m like the ‘whispering death’, smooth, elegant and graceful. However I’m probably more comparable to a lumbering giraffe whose just been darted… Slow and steady wins the race!

  • Do you have a plan on how you are going to get on the TV while running?
  • I think if I beat Mo Farah that would do the trick 🤣
  • What are you most looking forward to?
  • I’m looking forward to the atmosphere and hopefully coming home strong down the mall towards Buckingham Palace.
  • What are you least looking forward to?
  • The 26.2 miles I’ve got to run!!!
  • Why should people donate and how do they do it?

People should donate so the Trust can continue to thrive and deliver the outstanding assistance, helping better current and ex Cricketers lives for a long time to come. You can donate via my Just Giving page and check out my progress on Twitter!

Interested in fundraising for the Professional Cricketers’ Trust? Challenge yourself to complete the famous Three Peaks Challenge this October in a joint initiative with the Tom Maynard Trust. For more information on all fundraising opportunities please contact Sam Relf – samantha.relf@professionalcricketerstrust.org