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PCA Chairman Comments On DSRG – 23/03/2004

By 23 March, 2004 2 Comments

PCA Chairman Comments On DSRG – 23/03/2004 There are a number of arguments surrounding the future of the game in this country. The best way forward to produce a successful national team has promoted debate for a number of years, but this has gathered pace of late. The Domestic Structure Review Group set up by the ECB, have been given the task of making recommendations about the structure of First-class county cricket from 2006 onwards. The Chairman’s View cricnet caught up with PCA Chairman Martyn Ball, who sits on the Domestic Structure Review Group for his thoughts on the future direction of the game. He commented, ” After numerous discussions and open debates with the County reps, CAG and all the Officers of the PCA it is apparent that most feel the need for change to our Domestic Structure to enhance the standard and probability of producing World Class English Qualified Players.” ” There are two key cricketing factors that are the goal of any group calling for change, ” Concentration of Talent” and ” Less Cricket” . These factors were utmost in the minds of the DSRG in forming their proposal” Key Concerns Ball stressed that several key concerns must be addressed, • To promote elitism there must be financial levy on teams at the top of the ladder compared to those at the bottom, this could result in teams at the bottom having to reduce the size of their playing staffs at current. What provisions will the game make to re-educate and help players through the transition from the game to the work place? • Teams will obviously aim to be in the elite group of teams and may gamble by overspending in trying to attract the better players and create catastrophic financial burdens i.e. Leeds United Football Club. • Teams that look for a quick fix to their playing staffs and employ numerous sources of cheap labour i.e. Kolpak registered players and EU passport holders. This would surely be detrimental to the development of our main goal in producing World-Class English qualified players. Conclusion Ball concluded by stating, ” With these and several other concerns in mind it is imperative that the ECB have a full, independent financial review and model produced for any recommended changes to our Domestic Structure. This tool would be paramount to all stakeholders’ decisions in agreeing to proposed change.”