Press Release

Loan Of Players 2005 — 11/04/2005

Loan Of Players 2005 – 11/04/2005 Loans of cricketers between Counties are to be permitted, subject to the following conditions: 1. The loan of a registered player (the loan player) from one County (the Home County) to another County (the Away County) will be permitted so long as the ECB are informed of the loan prior to the commencement of the loan period. 2. Loans may only take place with the agreement of the Home County, the Away County and the player. A County wishing to borrow a player who has not been advertised for loan must direct its approach to the Chief Executive of the County employing that player and in no circumstances should any approach be made to the player by any representative of the County wishing to borrow him until approval has been given. A player interested in being offered out on loan must address this with his County Chief Executive and in no circumstances approach another County with a view to a loan until his availability has been agreed with his County. 3. Loans must be for a minimum period of 4 weeks in the first instance. Subsequent extensions of a minimum of 2 weeks per extension are permitted by agreement between the Home and Away Counties and the player. A loan may not be for more than one season. 4. A player may not play on loan for more than one Away County in any single season. 5. The agreement between the Home County and the Away County regarding the loan of the player will be recorded on a standard loan agreement available from the ECB and which must be signed by the Counties and the player and a copy lodged with the ECB. 6. Any restrictions on the player’s ability to play for the Away County in any competition or against the Home County are to be agreed between the Counties and recorded in the loan agreement. 7. During the loan period, the player may not return to play for the Home County except in exceptional circumstances and with the prior approval of the Director of Cricket Operations of ECB. Exceptional circumstances may include unexpected international call up or injury to a key player for whom the loan player would be a direct replacement. 8. It is anticipated that the normal arrangement will be that the Away County will pay to the Home County the basic salary and other contractual payments (except pensions) due to the player during the course of the loan period (and as set out in the player’s contract with the Home County), plus VAT, if applicable. However, this arrangement may be varied with the agreement of the two Counties concerned. In addition, during the loan period, the player will receive from the Away County any appearance monies, win bonuses etc. to which other members of the Away County’s team would be entitled. The player’s pension contributions will continue to be paid by the Home County. 9. The registration (and the contract of employment) of the player will remain with the Home County throughout the loan period. 10. At the end of the loan period (including any extensions) the player will return to the Home County and will be entitled to the normal benefits of his contract (until its expiry).