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Players And PCA Do Not Condone Ball Tampering — 28/04/2005

Players And PCA Do Not Condone Ball Tampering – 28/04/2005 Earlier this year, the ECB Cricket Advisory Committee, which includes representatives from the Umpires Association and the PCA agreed that it would be valuable for a meeting to take place to provide some guidance on ball tampering issues. The umpires wanted to know what to look out for as many did not know how to tell the difference between normal wear and tear and when the condition of the ball had been deliberately altered. In a spirit of cooperation and at the PCA’s request, former England and Gloucestershire pace man, Mike Smith, agreed to meet with the umpires. The fact that the PCA and its members were prepared to cooperate with the umpires in this way is the clearest possible indication that they do not condone ball tampering. Rather, it is the disingenuous leak to the media from that private and confidential session by one of the umpires that constitutes a breach of trust. Neither Mike Smith, the players nor the PCA condone ball tampering.