Hatchett one of four members raising funds for Professional Cricketers' Trust on April 28.

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Former Sussex bowler Lewis Hatchett is to run the London Marathon later this month for the Professional Cricketers’ Trust.

The 29-year-old played 53 professional games between 2010-2016 before he was forced to retire due to medical advice.

After defying the odds having been born with Poland Syndrome, Hatchett’s professional career came to a halt much earlier than intended. However, since retirement he has set up his own health and fitness business, The Sport Yogi, that focuses on improving performance in sport & life, both physically and mentally.

Hatchett is one of four members who were selected to run for the Trust this April alongside, Chris Peploe, James Kettleborough and Paul Dixey. Formerly known as the PCA Benevolent Fund, the Cricketers’ Trust  purpose is to support the lifelong health and wellbeing of all PCA members and their immediate families.

The leading cricketing charity provides support both reactively and proactively with a passion to help educate PCA members on all issues to refute problems in the future.

Ahead of the London Marathon on Sunday 28 April, the former seam bowler gave the Trust an insight into his preparation…

  • Why are you running for the Professional Cricketers’ Trust?
  • I wanted a new physical challenge after retiring from cricket. Having pushed my body to do the job as a bowler I now want to explore what my body is capable of doing. A marathon seemed a good start! Albeit a lot earlier in life than I had hoped.
  • What does the Trust mean to you?
  • For me, the trust was a support when I fell out of the sport through injury. It has helped me with a cushion back into the real world where I was able to launch my own business.
  • What direction did your life take after cricket?
  • Quite a few different turns. From a sales role at my brothers’ business, to personal training, to traveling to Hawaii and becoming a Yoga teacher. Now I launched an online business combining my sport experience, personal training, yoga, mindfulness to help people improve their physical and mental health in their own time, own place with practical, easy to follow classes.
  • Have you done any challenges for charity before? If so, please explain…
  • I’ve not run a marathon before. I recently finished a challenge helping my friend called the 100 challenge. It was rough spread over a load of weekend we did things like. 100 minutes of burpees, 100 minutes of skipping, 100km cycle, 100 pull ups in 10 minutes, 100 100kg squats in 10 minutes, 100 minutes of rowing. Horrible.
  • How is training going?
  • It’s been going well! Although I picked up a brutal blister that even beats some that I got from bowling! But my girlfriend is running the marathon too, so we have been training together, well, I say training together, we start together then I see her about 30 minutes later. (Sorry Laura)
  • How do you plan to get around? Do you have a finishing time in mind?
  • Hopefully on my feet. I’m looking at anything below 3hrs 45mins but who knows as it’s my first one ever. I’ll be happy to get round without damaging myself for the club cricket season.
  • If you could compare your running style to a current or former cricketer – who would it be?
  • Luke Wells – doesn’t look pretty, but gets the job done.
  • Do you have a plan on how you are going to get on the TV while running?
  • I’ll try dabbing at every camera I see.
  • Any superstitions?
  • Does eating the same meal for 3 days straight count?
  • What are you most looking forward to?
  • The meal I’m going to eat after the race! And experiencing the crowd, it’s meant to be unreal.
  • What are you least looking forward to?
  • I reckon at about 19 miles things could turn South.
  • What London landmark are you most looking forward to see/run past?
  • Buckingham Palace, because I know I’ll be at the end!
  • Why should people donate and how do they do it?
  • How can people follow your progress?

Interested in fundraising for the Professional Cricketers’ Trust? Challenge yourself to complete the famous Three Peaks Challenge this October in a joint initiative with the Tom Maynard Trust. For more information on all fundraising opportunities please contact Sam Relf – samantha.relf@professionalcricketerstrust.org