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FICA Announces New Leadership Structure 06/06/13

FICA Announces New Leadership Structure – 06/06/13 Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) President, Jimmy Adams, announced today a new leadership structure following the resignation of CEO, Tim May. Paul Marsh has been elected as Executive Chairman by the Chief Executives of the individual player associations, with Ian Smith announced as Chief Operating Officer. Mr Marsh is the current Chief Executive of the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA), and will continue to operate in this capacity alongside his new role, which will involve him being accountable for FICA’s performance and being the organisation’s main spokesperson. Mr Smith has been the Legal Director of the Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) since 2004 and has assisted Mr May at FICA for the last few years. He will be responsible for the day to day operational management of FICA. Mr Adams said the new appointments signaled a new chapter in FICA’s history. ” The contribution of Tim May to FICA and cricketers worldwide has been enormous and, in many respects, he is irreplaceable” he said. ” Our game continues to throw up issues of great complexity, and strong player representation through FICA and the individual player associations has never been more important. FICA is committed to continuing Tim’s wonderful legacy by ensuring that the voices of the players will always be heard. ” The FICA Board is excited by the appointments of both Paul Marsh and Ian Smith. Paul has been at the forefront of player advocacy for 12 years at the ACA, the past eight as CEO. He has proven to be a strong, respected and passionate leader, who has also contributed enormously as a member of the FICA Board. ” Ian has demonstrated his dedication, expertise and passion throughout his time with the PCA and FICA, and along with Paul, will ensure our member associations and their players continue to be represented in a strong, unified and tireless manner.” FICA STRUCTURE President – Jimmy Adams Executive Chairman – Paul Marsh Chief Operating Officer – Ian Smith FICA Board Australian Cricketers’ Association – Paul Marsh Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh – Debabrata Paul New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association – Heath Mills Professional Cricketers’ Association (UK) – Angus Porter South African Cricketers’ Association – Tony Irish Sri Lankan Cricketers’ Association – Ken De Alwis West Indies Players’ Association – Michael Hall PCA Hails the Work of Tim May as he Resigns from FICA Post – 05/06/13 FICA CEO Tim May Announces his Resignation The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) Chief Executive, Tim May, advised the FICA Board at its recent Annual Meeting of his resignation as CEO of the organisation. May has served as CEO since 2005, and prior to joining FICA, he served as Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) from 1997-2005. May, whose resignation is effective immediately, reflected on his time championing the players’ cause. ” It has been a privilege to represent players under the FICA umbrella and a great challenge to consider and attempt to provide solutions to the number of varied issues that the sport has presented over the past eight years,” he said. ” However, over the past 18 months or so, I came to the realisation that I was tiring of working in a sport that was increasingly at odds with the principles I respect. ” It’s time for someone else to continue the battle for change. After 16 years in the player association business, it’s time that I handed over the reins to someone who has a fresh zeal for the position.” When asked about the current issues that cricket faced, May replied, ” More and more we see allegations of corruption and malpractice on and off the field dominating headlines. ” As stakeholders in the game, we look to leadership from the ICC to address these and other issues – a vital ingredient of any organisation is the ability of its leaders to set the moral and principled example to others, and to police its organisation from top to bottom to ensure adherence to those principles. ” Yet cricket increasingly seems to be pushing aside the principles of transparency, accountability, independence, and upholding the best interests of the global game, in favour of a system that appears to operate through threats, intimidation and backroom deals. ” Despite FICA and many other stakeholders pushing for the recommendations of the Woolf Report to be implemented to address these shortcomings, the ICC Board sees no reason to change. ” I trust that my successor will enjoy a climate where those on the ICC Executive Board who are strong and principled, will push for change and remember the primary responsibilities of an ICC Director – to serve the best interests of the global game. ” Additionally, I hope that the ICC and more of its Board’s members take heed of the recommendations of both Lord Condon and the Woolf Report and form closer and more productive relationships with players and their representatives – rather than the current trend to resist proper player representation; the players deserve better. ” Increasingly, the administrators of the game seek to force out or alienate those who question its alleged misuse of power, or those who seek greater transparency, or provide rational argument against the ills of the administration. It appears that some administrators just don’t want to be held to account to the standards that are expected of them. ” There is a great opportunity for the ICC to arrest this trend and become one of the world’s best governed sports. For the future of the global interests of the game, I hope this happens sooner rather than later – because the current system is failing us.” The FICA Executive will announce a new leadership structure in the coming days. The Professional Cricketers’ Association salutes Tim May The Professional Cricketers’ Association has paid tribute to Tim May following his decision to step down as Chief Executive of FICA, a position he has held with distinction since 2005. Angus Porter, PCA Chief Executive, applauded May’s contribution, “Tim has fought tirelessly and fearlessly, not only for cricketers’ rights, but also for what is right for cricket. Player Associations play an important role in the governance of every major professional sport worldwide, and it is to Tim’s great credit that cricket’s Player Associations have achieved recognition in the majority of Test playing nations.” Alastair Cook, speaking on behalf of the England team, added, “Tim has been a great servant of the game, and current players have reason to be very grateful for his hard work and advocacy on our behalf.” Marcus Trescothick added a word on behalf of former England Players: “Tim has led, first the Australian Cricketers’ Association, and then FICA, since before my international career began, and under his leadership, the range of services available to support players has grown dramatically. Current and future players have much to thank him for.” Mark Wallace, PCA Chairman, concluded: “It would be wrong to think that FICA only cares for international cricketers. The work it has done on player rights, contracts, security, and education is all increasingly relevant to all professional cricketers, and we owe Tim a great debt of gratitude for his years of leadership.” The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) was established in 1998 to co-ordinate the activities of all national players’ associations which protect the interests of professional cricketers throughout the world. It brings together all of the world’s cricketers, regardless of nationality, religion, political persuasion or race, under an international body which focuses on matters of general interest to the game and its players. Its member associations include — Australian Cricketers’ Association, Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh, New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association, Professional Cricketers’ Association (UK), South African Cricketers’ Association, Sri Lankan Cricketers’ Association, West Indies Players’ Association {{ak_sharing}}