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PCA Comment on the Tom Maynard Inquest 26/02/13

By 25 February, 2013 One Comment

PCA Comment on the Tom Maynard Inquest – 26/02/13 The PCA is saddened by the information which has come to light from the inquest into Tom Maynard’s death – confirming both its support for Tom’s family, friends and team-mates at this difficult time, and its commitment to assisting players via its Personal Development and Welfare programme. Through the PCA, the Maynard family make the following comment: “The results of the inquest do not define our son. The fact that so very many people thought the world of him is what defines him as a person. “The only people who would judge Tom on the findings of the inquest are people who didn’t know him. He made choices that night that tragically cost him his life but his devastated family and friends will love and miss him unconditionally, always. “He was a very special person and his death leaves a huge hole in all our lives.” The PCA’s “Mind Matters” tutorials, launched in 2012, educate players on issues ranging from alcohol and drugs to anxiety and depression, and these issues represent a major focus for the Association and its Personal Development and Welfare team in the coming year. Cricket has a comprehensive anti-doping programme, which has been in place for a number of years. Whilst the focus of this programme is primarily on performance-enhancing drugs, it does include in-competition testing for recreational drugs, and the very rare incidence of positive results suggests that cricket has no more of a problem in this regard than society as a whole. The PCA is supporting the ECB in its examination of the feasibility of out-of-competition testing for recreational drugs, and confirms its support for such an initiative as long as it is linked to appropriate arrangements for treatment and rehabilitation in the event of a positive test. Angus Porter, PCA Chief Executive, commented, “We, along with Surrey CCC, Glamorgan CCC and the ECB have supported everyone impacted both directly and indirectly by Tom’s death, collectively with bereavement counselling, and individually where necessary. As a cricketing family, we shall continue to provide full support wherever it is needed. Amongst the headlines which will inevitably be generated by the inquest findings, consideration must now be given to the Maynard family who are experiencing a further wave of tragedy. We must all now move forward and remember Tom as a tremendously talented young man who had so much to look forward to. We must focus on building a positive legacy in his memory.” The Tom Maynard Trust was set up immediately after Tom’s death to give aspiring young sportsmen and women the opportunities needed to build successful professional careers. Martyn Ryan, Chairman of the TMT, said, ” We now hope that all efforts will be placed on remembering Tom as a hugely talented cricketer who spread happiness to everybody who he connected with as a son, brother, grandson or friend. We hope that collectively through the Trust a great number of young people can benefit in his name.” The Trust has recently agreed to sponsor the PCA’s annual Rookie Camp (and the wider Personal Development Programme) to be held on 28 February, where 24 first year professionals will gather to be educated on a host of vital ‘important to know facts’ and given ‘tool kits’ which can help them navigate the challenges of life as a professional cricketer. – ENDS – For further information, contact Angus Porter on 07584 262083, or email {{ak_sharing}}