Past and present professional cricketers reveal heartfelt stories and support received by the Professional Cricketers' Trust.

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Following on from the launch of the Professional Cricketers’ Trust earlier today, a video featuring six families who have been supported by the Trust has been released to show the impact the registered charity has had.

The Professional Cricketers’ Trust has operated as the PCA’s “Professional Cricketers’ Trust” for many years and has been restructured and renamed to better reflect the people we help every day.

As the cricket family grows, so does our scope and ambition for new and ground-breaking projects, particularly in the fields of mental health and preventative education.

We offer life-changing assistance for PCA members and their families. Relaunching The Professional Cricketers’ Trust with a modern identity will help us embrace new challenges and attract the funding necessary to meet the growing responsibilities of our sport’s leading charity.

Professional Cricketers' Trust launches

Joined by Joe Root, six past and present professional cricketers have told their heartfelt stories on why they need support of the Professional Cricketers' Trust.

The Trust takes care of its own, a message which naturally describes the charity which has granted over £1 million of support to PCA members who have been in desperate need since 2015. A message which six past and present professional cricketers wanted to discuss in public to tell their story

In a video revealed at the launch of the Professional Cricketers’ Trust this morning, Winston Davis, Gareth Roderick, Lloyd Smith, Robin Sims, Christine Derrick and Keith Newell have spoken out to tell their journey and support received by professional cricket’s leading charity.

With in-depth stories on each member and their families to follow in the coming weeks and months, England Test Match captain Joe Root wanted to show his support of the charity by joining in the video which explains the Professional Cricketers’ Trust takes care of its own.

“As a professional cricketer it is that family element to things, you never want to see anyone struggling having being part of the game,” said Root.

“It has been really powerful watching the videos, some of the experiences people have been through some really tough times but they have had that support there, not just for them but their families as well."


“One of the most powerful things about it is that it doesn’t matter how much you have played.

“Without donations for the Trust it wouldn’t be there please dig deep and offer up your support, thank you.”

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