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SACA Media Release — 13/12/2005

By 13 December, 2005 2 Comments

SACA Media Release – 13/12/2005 The South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA) believes that the ICC’s recent warning directed at South African and Australian players regarding their conduct in the forthcoming series in Australia is unwarranted and demeaning to the players. ” This South African team plays hard and fair and is full of experienced cricketers who have for years conducted themselves in line with the spirit of cricket” said Tony Irish CEO of SACA. ” Australian players have done likewise. I am amazed that the ICC sees fit to warn players, and even past players, in the media. If there are genuine concerns that players may offend the spirit of the game then this should be taken up with them directly and not in the form of a public lecture. Everyone is looking forward to the heat of the rivalry which accompanies a series between South Africa and Australia. The verbal exchanges are a part of this and they simply add to the build up.” ” It is also difficult to understand why the ICC has chosen to publicly focus on the conduct of players at a time when there appear to be serious problems with the conduct of certain administrators from Boards affiliated to the ICC. In Zimbabwe cricket is in tatters. Surely we should instead be hearing the ICC’s voice in relation to the standards and behaviour of those administering the game in that country?”