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Professional Cricketers To Benefit From New Contract Negotiation Service — 04/08/2005

Professional Cricketers To Benefit From New Contract Negotiation Service – 04/08/2005 The Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA), the representative body of past and present first class cricketers in England & Wales, has today expanded its extensive range of member benefits. Professional cricketers who do not use agents and need help in finalising new deals with their counties will now be able to take advantage of the services of expert contract negotiators. PCA Group Chief Executive Richard Bevan ” Our members consistently tell us that they want help negotiating their financial packages, but don’t want to engage an agent on a long term basis. Our new service will provide that help without costing our players anything.” said PCA Group Chief Executive, Richard Bevan. ” We won’t be charging commission; the player won’t have to enter into any long term contract with us and he will get the benefit of our market knowledge and insight. We have recruited highly respected and able people to fulfil this role.” Advice The service aims to provide professional representation to players involved in negotiating with a new club or with his existing club on a contract renewal. Once an offer is on the table, the player will be able to instruct the negotiator to advise on his career options and aspirations, how best to achieve those and then help him get the best possible deal bearing in mind the short, medium and long term career ambitions. Third Party The PCA negotiators can assist young players who are inexperienced or nervous about dealing directly with their Chief Executives or any player who wants a competent third party to put negotiations at arms length and remove the player from direct confrontation with his employer. Bevan went on to say, ” The parents of players often fulfil the role of manager or agent to their sons and they will be able to tap into the PCA’s service as a supplement to their own skills and safe in the knowledge that our primary motivation is protection of the player and his career and not profit. Truly Holistic ” The PCA is not stepping into agents or managers shoes and will look to help agents who will be able to tap into the service on behalf of their clients. The PCA will not be finding new clubs for players or sourcing commercial deals, but simply doing our best to ensure our members get every advantage available to them in what is often a short, risky and not particularly lucrative career. Combined with our existing education, insurance, benevolent, counselling and legal services, this new service means the benefits our members have access to are truly holistic.”