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PCA Statement On ECB’s Proposal For The Structure Of Cricket — 30/09/2003

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PCA Statement On ECB’s Proposal For The Structure Of Cricket – 30/09/2003 Contrary to a recent press report, the PCA (Professional Cricketers’ Association) has yet to receive proposals from the ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) concerning the future of professional cricket. The PCA wholeheartedly welcomes the opportunity to debate issues regarding the game’s structure, including the number of first-class counties, retained players and the use of overseas cricketers. Richard Bevan Comments Richard Bevan, Group Chief Executive of the PCA, said: "From the First Class Forum, to the ECB, PCA, the ICC and others, we all share similar objectives – that is to work on behalf of our stakeholders to promote and develop the game. We all own a bit of the sport – however instead of regarding it in parochial terms, we need to view our roles as partners in a dynamic and growing business. "The only way this partnership is going to flourish is if the game’s partners communicate effectively with each other. Given cooperation and improved communication between us all, I’m optimistic that the game has a prosperous and sustainable future. Understanding "Anyone lobbying for a reduction in the number of professional players employed by the counties needs to understand how second XI cricket will be compromised. Recent research has revealed it costs £ 1 million per year to operate second XI cricket. However, if finance is the main concern, then surely our attention should be switched to the number of overseas players employed by the counties." The PCA will later this week reveal the findings of its report into the game’s structure and finances resulting from the use of overseas players.