Changing Room opens doors for players to remain in the game.

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The Professional Cricketers’ Association has launched the ‘PCA Changing Room’, an online platform that hosts details of professional cricketers looking for a fresh challenge to stay in the game.

In an extension to the PCA’s contract advice and negotiation service, the Changing Room will act as a facilitator to put counties in touch with players who are looking to move clubs to further their careers.

The PCA revolutionised players’ rights when the association was established in 1967 and has evolved to support individual members with their personal contracts with clear and comprehensive contractual support highlighted as one of two core activities for the PCA, alongside the Personal Development and Welfare Programme.

The contract advice and negotiator service has grown on a more formal basis in recent years and in May 2017 the PCA appointed Rich Hudson as Player Contracts Advisor to dedicate a full-time resource to support player needs.

The Changing Room is the latest development to champion professional cricketers in England and Wales and to support them in creating opportunities to stay within the game.

The marketplace is open to players who are currently without a contract, those who are seeking a loan move or looking to move counties on a permanent basis after gaining approval from their parent county.

The new service, which is available to PCA members, is accessible by counties via their Head Coach and Director of Cricket. Players can join the PCA Changing Room by completing one simple online form in the logged-in area of thepca.co.uk. This will position the player alongside other professionals looking for opportunities.

The Changing Room has launched with 16 players on the platform who are looking for openings with former Leicestershire batsman Ned Eckersley the most experienced campaigner on the site.

“I jumped at the chance to be placed on the PCA Changing Room,” said the 29-year-old who has over 200 professional appearances to his name.

“As soon as I heard this new outlet was a possibility it immediately made me think this could easily help me find a club for 2019 after being released by Leicestershire at the end of the summer.

“It is a brilliant addition by the PCA and I am sure this will prove to be a valuable asset to players like myself and many more who are looking for a fresh challenge and to stay within the professional game.”

Changes Room launches

Director of Development and Welfare Ian Thomas explains the new initiative.

Over 250 players have interacted with the contract advice and negotiator service since Hudson started in May 2017 and PCA Director of Development and Welfare, Ian Thomas explains the thought process behind the latest initiative.

“The main reason the PCA Changing Room has been created is to add value to our membership,” said Thomas.

“We always want to be able to create opportunities for our players and this initiative ticks that box.

“Every year there is a number of players who want to carry on in the game and unfortunately, the opportunities do not present themselves. They also want to make sure that they have given every avenue an opportunity to see if a club are interested.

“We have developed the PCA Changing Room over the summer to make sure we can aid this and to ensure it enhances our contracts and negotiation service.”

For more information contact PCA Player Contracts Advisor Rich Hudson on 07375 414 694 or rich.hudson@thepca.co.uk.

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