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Overseas Player Questionnaire — 06/08/2003

Overseas Player Questionnaire – 06/08/2003 The controversy over the number of overseas players in the county game shows no sign of abating. This season, for the first time in a number of years, we have had two overseas players permitted per county, with a maximum of four overseas registrations permitted, per county, in the case of injury or international selection. Development Dilemma Many players, not to mention fans, have expressed their disquiet at this, arguing that the presence of greater numbers of overseas players thwarts the development of homegrown players to the detriment of both the county and national games. Critics also say that there is no proof that overseas players increase attendance at county games, particularly since their standard is not always top-drawer. Majority Vote To Reverse Decision On 15th April 2003, the PCA AGM was marked by an overwhelming majority vote to begin a course of action aimed at persuading the First Class Forum to reverse its decision for the 2003 season to allow two overseas players per county, and to replace it with a new regulation limiting counties to one overseas player with substitutions only in the case of long-term (season ending) injury or unexpected international call up. Independent Study The PCA therefore drew up a draft action plan aimed at persuading the counties to amend their regulations in respect of overseas players. However, the PCA believes that it is crucial that the merits, and demerits, of increased numbers of overseas players in the game are looked at as thoroughly – and as objectively – as possible. The PCA has therefore commissioned an independent study of the arguments for and against overseas players. This will be complete by early September. Questionnaire As part of this exercise, the questionnaire below has been put together. Please take just a few minutes to cut and paste the questions below into an email, answer them and send it back to us – Your answers will be fully reviewed and will help everyone involved to understand the depth of sentiment and feeling in this complex debate. Questionnaire For PCA Partners & Newsletter •1. Do you think there should be a limit on the number of overseas players allowed to register with county clubs? •2. If so, why and what should that limit be? •3. Do you think that the presence of overseas players in the county game has improved the standard of domestic professional cricket? •4. Does the presence of overseas players in your club side influence your decision to attend county games? •5. Do you believe that the presence of overseas players increases attendance and revenue for domestic professional cricket? •6. Do you regard the overseas players playing domestic professional cricket in the 2003 season as cricketers of the highest level? •7. Do you believe that the presence of overseas players reduces opportunities for domestic players to play first class cricket? •8. Please confirm your name and affiliation with any particular cricket club. Any other comments – The Professional Cricketers’ Association appreciates your cooperation in this matter and values your input. Please email your thoughts to