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May ‘Players Worldwide Insulted’ — 26/06/2003

May ‘Players Worldwide Insulted’ – 26/06/2003 FICA chief executive Tim May has expressed his disappointment at the ICC’s refusal to acknowledge FICA as the representative body of the players and refuse their presence at the ICC’s decision making management committees. Malcolm Conn from the The Australian newpaper, takes up the story. Another multi-million dollar brawl is brewing between elite players and the International Cricket Council. Already weighed down by a $76 million World Cup compensation claim due mainly to a dispute with India’s leading players, the ICC will be forced to fight on a wider front. Negotiations ‘More Difficult’ Angered that the ICC has again rejected a player representative on the world governing body’s management committee, the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations has made it clear future contract negotiations will be more difficult. Lack Of Respect FICA joint chief executive Tim May, also chief executive of the Australian Cricketers Association, said next year’s Champions Trophy in England, a mini-World Cup, would be targeted. "This shows a complete lack of respect for players around the world," May said of the ICC’s decision. A Helping Hand From FICA He is particularly disappointed because FICA helped negotiate the ICC through a minefield before last year’s Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka and the World Cup in South Africa this year. As part of the ICC’s billion-dollar deal with Global Cricket Corp, owned by The News Corporation, publishers of The Australian, the president and chairmen of the 10 Test-playing countries who make up the ICC signed away the commercial rights of the players without player permission. The ICC-GCC agreement, which includes the Champions Trophy and World Cup until 2007, was in danger of collapse until players from nine [excluding India] of the 10 Test nations made significant concessions. "Another battle is looming," May said.