2020 winner Lyndon James works out his plan for a future in personal training.

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Nottinghamshire youngster Lyndon James isn’t resting on his laurels after being named Best Newcomer at the PCA’s 2020 Futures Awards.

The all-rounder, 21, won the coveted award after impressing the PCA panel with his progress towards achieving a personal training diploma with Premier Global, as well as his ambitions for a future second career in that area.

James beat off the competition to win the Newcomer award and was one of 2020’s two main winners alongside Glamorgan’s Andrew Salter, who took home the Overall award.

Since the awards, which took place in early February, James has put his prize money, as well as his time in quarantine, to good use in order to further develop himself away from the cricket pitch, as he explains.

“I gave them a quick call and asked if they had a course that I could do on my own and in my own time. It really was that simple.”


“I recently finished my diploma in personal training with Premier Global so I’m a qualified PT now. That was the goal at the start of November when I began all of this stuff.

“It involved a number of online webinars with tutors, as well as sessions at the end of each semester. I had six exams in all which involved some practical tests where I had to video myself coaching someone at home.

“My Personal Development Manager (PDM) Lynsey Williams initially got me in contact with Premier Global, I gave them a quick call and asked if they had a course that I could do on my own and in my own time. It really was that simple.”

“I’m currently doing workouts every day and getting my flatmate to video them so that when I do get my Instagram kick-started I’ve got plenty of very professional looking content to go on there.

“When it comes to it, my plan is to do a course where I manage my own Instagram and start advertising myself and putting myself out there as a personal trainer for people to see.

“I’m also trying to get in contact with as many people who are at different stages of their fitness journey as I can, as I think that when this is all over one of the first things that people are going to want to do is get out and get healthy again.

“I’m also trying to keep my mind active as much as I can – I’ve been absolutely nailing the Sudokus!”

With life on hold for James and so many others at the moment, the all-rounder is able to reflect on his experience of applying for – and winning at – the PCA’s Futures Awards.

“The best way I can describe it is that it was like applying for a job. It just gave me a better idea of how I could improve my interview skills and presenting, whilst talking about something I’m passionate about.

“It took me three or four days of good preparation to get ready for it, which in the grand scheme of things really isn’t that much. To get that prize money to go towards developing myself further makes it a bit of a no-brainer to apply for the Futures Awards in my opinion.”

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