Members explore options in quest for second career

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Head of Cricket seminar

19 PCA members travel to Edgbaston for Head of Cricket seminar.

19 current and former professional cricketers travelled to Edgbaston for a Head of Cricket workshop as part of the Professional Cricketers’ Association Personal Development and Welfare Programme.

The session hosted by Managing Director of the Independent Coach Education, Neil Rollings, gave an insight into teaching cricket within a school environment as well as working on how to prepare and be successful during the interview process.

A workshop based on presentation and discussion, Rollings educated members on the landscape of cricket in schools and gave a greater understanding of how former professionals can best utilise their skills and experience to acquire a position working in school cricket.

This workshop was another example of the work done by the Personal Development and Welfare programme to assist with the transition into a second career following on from the PCA’s Transition Week.

PCA Personal Development and Welfare Manager Charlie Mulraine was in attendance and believes these workshops are a vital way of helping cricketers realise what’s available outside of playing professional sport.

“Having so many players here is a great advert for the Personal Development and Welfare programme and for the engagement of the players,” said Mulraine.

“It’s fantastic to see such a variety of ages here with everyone at different stages of their career. This kind of session really helps players understand what they want to aim for and give them an idea of what is needed to be successful to help pursue that second career.

“Some people in this room will leave and see this as an area they really want to explore whereas others will maybe want to go down other avenues.

“These workshops are designed to give players a greater indication of what they want to do and narrow down their options.”

Current Ireland and Middlesex cricketer Tim Murtagh was one of 19 cricketers in attendance for the one-day workshop and despite enjoying a very successful career, the 36-year old now realises the importance of exploring other options.

“I’m at the stage now in both my career and my life where I need to start really considering what’s next. I’ve had a fantastic career playing cricket and I’ve been lucky it’s managed to go on for so long,” Murtagh said.

“To be honest I have not been very good at taking up these opportunities in the past, but when you’re here it’s really interesting and you learn a lot about different things.

“It is good to put yourself out there and find out what things you do like outside of playing professional sport. It also gives you a focus outside of cricket and can often help the playing side.

“The biggest thing is to just try everything and give it a go. You can get wrapped up in your own bubble of playing sport, but it’s good to see what you might be interested in and you might be good at.

“Who knows you might surprise yourself.”

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