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England Cricket Team Pledge Towards Tsunami Relief Effort — 30/12/2004

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England Cricket Team Pledge Towards Tsunami Relief Effort – 30/12/2004 The England Cricket Team today pledged £ 15,000 to the international relief effort for tsunami-struck South Asia. Many of the England players have toured both India and Sri Lanka, two of the worst hit countries, and only last year most of the current squad played a test match at the Galle Stadium, in South West Sri Lanka, a ground that has been devastated by tidal waves. More Fundraising Options In addition the players have been in communication with other international cricketers around the world through the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA), and are proposing that they, in association with the International Cricket Council (ICC) combine their resources in developing a significant fundraising opportunity in the near future. Various options are being discussed but the aim is to bring as many of the world’s leading players together for a one-off, Asia versus rest of the world, match in January. Michael Vaughan Michael Vaughan, England Captain commented: ” The England Team feels strongly that the international cricket community should offer as much support as possible to those countries affected by the devastation in South Asia. Many of us have played in and visited that part of the world and we simply cannot comprehend the carnage and sadness reported day after day in places we know well. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to all those affected by the events earlier this week and the team is happy to make a direct contribution to the relief fund.” PCA The Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA), a member of FICA, will add a further £ 5,000 donation, increasing the contribution from professional cricketers in England and Wales to £ 20,000. PCA group chief executive, Richard Bevan, said: ” International cricket is a small and tight-knit community and many of our members have friends, colleagues and relatives in the areas affected by the tsunami earlier this week. In addition to the contributions made by the England players and the PCA itself, we will continue to work with FICA and our counterparts around the world to use cricket to raise awareness and funds.”