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ECB Media Release: One Overseas Player From 2008 – 02/08/2006

By 2 August, 2006 2 Comments

ECB Media Release: One Overseas Player From 2008 – 02/08/2006 The England and Wales Cricket Board yesterday agreed to reduce the number of overseas players that a county could play in domestic cricket at any one time to one from the 2008 season. During a consultation process led by ECB deputy chief executive Hugh Morris it became clear that an overwhelming number of counties supported the reduction from two to one overseas player. Counties reported that it has become increasingly difficult to attract a second overseas player for a full season, overseas boards were recalling players at more frequent intervals and that Counties wished to provide more opportunities for talented players qualified for England. The view of the chairmen along with the opinions from the chief executives, cricket directors and the PCA was discussed by the ECB Board at their meeting at Lord’s yesterday (Tuesday) and the proposal for a reduction was passed unanimously. From 2008 counties will be able to register one overseas player but would be able to replace that player should he be injured, called up for an overseas tour at short notice or be required to return home by his Board. A maximum number of four overseas players could be registered in one season under the new proposals with a minimum three week registration period for each player. The ECB Board also heard that counties heralded the success of the Performance Related Fee Payments, introduced this season as a part of the ECB’s strategic plan, and sought an expansion of this programme in 2006. PRFP will be trebled in 2007 to provide further encouragement to the development of Successful England Teams.