PCA-organised seminar educates members on popular career route.

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Fifteen PCA members recently built on their knowledge of the property market at a seminar organised by the Association in conjunction with the Property Investors Network (PIN).

The group of current professionals travelled to Birmingham from across the country to attend a series of talks and workshops led by Simon Zutshi, founder of PIN, which is the largest property networking organisation in the UK.

Amongst the topics of conversation were what you need to know if you want to become a full-time property investor, some golden rules for the industry and key advice for those who are looking into buying their first property.

Members explore second career in property

PCA seminar equips cricketers with tools they need to succeed in industry...

Investing in property is a popular route for many cricketers to go down during their second career, partly as a result of the nature of professional sport involving moving around the country on a regular basis.

Former Surrey teammates Tom Jewell and Chris Tremlett provide a recent example of professional cricketers going on to set up a property business in retirement. Source Property Investments invests in property across the UK on behalf of its clients, as the pair explained to PCA members at the Association’s recent 2019 Futures Conference.

Many of those present at the seminar in Birmingham will be looking to follow the path laid out by Jewell and Tremlett, with the PCA’s Personal Development and Welfare Programme (PDWP) assisting them throughout the process.

The programme, which is accessible to all current and former professional cricketers through the PCA, aims to better prepare players for life after cricket, as well as improving their performance on the pitch by minimising distractions off it.

Warwickshire fast bowler and PCA rep Oliver Hannon-Dalby said: “Property is something that quite a few of us are interested in so we’re just here today seeing how best to make some money in that area.

“It’s something that I’ve stumbled into but it’s really interesting to see how you can supplement your income now, as well as how you can make some money out of it in the future.

“The right time to invest is now. There are a few pitfalls but as long as you’re smart and you follow a few simple rules you can make a good profit out of it in the future.”

Seminar presenter and PIN founder Zutshi said: “Sportspeople recognise that at some point they’re going to have to retire and many people, especially if they’ve dedicated their entire life to that sport, it’s really all they know. I think that’s the reason that there’s been a lot of interest here, and these guys realise that the best time to start building a property portfolio is now.

“I want these guys to start thinking about how they can replace their income from cricket. I’d love to be able to help them on their journey wherever I can.”

The PCA’s Lead Personal Development Manager Lynsey Williams added: “Property’s a topic that we always have interest in from our members for a number of reasons, but particularly because it can be done in parallel to your playing career.

“It also appeals because it is something that is a general interest and can also provide security for the future.

“Simon has been brilliant in presenting today, from straightforward advice right through to information for those looking to get into this area as a full-time career.”

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