County professionals agree a further voluntary package to support first-class game.

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The Professional Cricketers’ Association announces the collective player agreement that saw all county players agree a support package to protect the domestic game has been extended to the end of July.

Discussions between the PCA and 18 first-class counties reached a conclusion over the weekend, which will see maximum reductions in player remuneration capped at 20% for June and July. Players moved swiftly at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic to support their counties with an agreement for April and May that saw all players agreeing to being furloughed if requested, reductions to player salaries and relinquishing of domestic prize money.

In a further gesture of goodwill, current county players have extended the agreement after the start of the domestic season was delayed until at least August 1. The new structure of deductions supports those players in the final year of their contracts and provides them with special dispensation to ease the financial burden.

“We have 134 players out of contract at the end of this summer and protecting their interests has been a consensus across the playing membership."


PCA Chairman, Daryl Mitchell, said:

“Although a great amount of uncertainty remains in domestic cricket, it does appear there is light at the end of the tunnel for players to return at some stage this summer. However, with no cricket to be played in June or July and therefore no revenue to be generated by counties, players have agreed to extend measures to protect the futures of all counties.

“This has not been an easy decision and causes a great deal of disruption to many of our members, however, the PCA Players’ Committee ultimately agreed this is the right thing to do.

“Working collaboratively through this crisis has always been one of our top priorities and I appreciate the collective spirit of these discussions with the first-class counties, particularly at this most challenging of times.

“We have 134 players out of contract at the end of this summer and protecting their interests has been a consensus across the playing membership, I am sure the measures brought in over the next two months provides some comfort to them.

“The understanding and support I have had from the PCA Players’ Committee and senior players around the counties has continued to be vital. As a group we have been in constant communication to ensure we are supporting the interests of all professional players in England and Wales while being alert to the need for players to play their part.”