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All Out Cricket’ To Be Sold On Newsstands – 11/03/2004

By 11 March, 2004 2 Comments

‘All Out Cricket’ To Be Sold On Newsstands – 11/03/2004 All Out Cricket magazine, formerly known as cricnet, will hit the newsstands this April. With the full backing of distributors, comag, and high street giants WHSmiths, the magazine will become the most widely distributed cricket title in the country. Published 10 times a year, All Out Cricket will feature in all 550 WHSmiths retail stores as well as at airports and train stations. Rapid Growth All Out Cricket, which is co-owned and co-produced by the Professional Cricketers’ Association, Costcutter Supermarkets Group Ltd and TriNorth, started life as a subscription-only quarterly in November 2002 but support from subscribers and a wide base of stakeholders within the game has seen it grow rapidly. Every professional cricketer in England & Wales is a subscriber to the magazine and All Out Cricket is the official magazine of the PCA including the England team. Heart Of Cricket With a mixture of humour, insight, expert comment and exclusive photography from the England team, All Out Cricket reflects the players’ views, getting right to the heart of cricket and cricketers. The magazine happily goes places that more traditional cricket titles are keen to avoid and its lifestyle photography, features and irreverent tone have found favour among those working on a new image for cricket and the players themselves. Natural Step Tim Munton, PCA Group director said: ” Launching onto the newsstands is a natural step for All Out Cricket to take. The magazine has been brilliantly received since it was launched and the players themselves have loved being featured in it. With TriNorth’s and Costcutter’s involvement, we have a great team and this greatly increased presence represents a coming of age for All Out Cricket.” Graves ‘Delighted’ Colin Graves, Costcutter’s Chairman and Managing Director as well as Yorkshire CCC’s chief executive, added: ” This is the first time a chief executive of a county cricket club has entered into such a relationship with the players, but what it really shows is the faith we at Costcutter have in the product. We’re delighted to be supporting the PCA and are all very excited about the magazine’s future.” Unique Publication All Out Cricket editor, Andy Afford, concluded: ” This is a step up to a whole new level. We’re a unique publication, with a fresh approach and with the full backing of the players, the cricketing authorities and our hard working team we are looking forward to many successes ahead.” More Information For more information about All Out Cricket, call: Business Development Director: Tim Munton on 07747 756830 Editor: Andy Afford on 07796 775555 Assistant Editor: Matt Thacker on 07968 078877 or General Manager: Graham Hey on 07795 010458