Mind Matters

The Personal Well Being Series  

In every area of day-to-day life, we are exploring the effects and consequences that many stresses and strains can have on our minds.

Our feelings can fluctuate on a sliding scale – from feeling happy on one side, to a little gloomy and down at times, and in some cases, go beyond that and into depression.

Launched on the back of the success of the Professional Cricketers' Helpline, the PCA in association with LPP, has developed the Addictive Behaviour Programme into a series of tutorials entitled ‘Mind Matters’.




  • Recognise the circumstances that could lead to you getting into problem relationship with substances, gambling or alcohol.

  • Learn more about the warning signs of anxiety and depression and the subsequent links to self-harm and suicide.

  • Recognise signs of problems in yourself, your teammates, friends and family.

  • Learn more about the process for accessing help, self-managing your own problem and be able to focus on the challenges of playing cricket at the highest level and/or leading a healthy and happy life during or after a career playing cricket.







Non-flash version


Alcohol and Gambling

Alcohol and Drugs

Non-flash version



Non-flash version


Gambling Integrity 

Non-flash version



Anxiety and Depression


Tim Ambrose

Non-flash version


Iain O'Brien 

Non-flash version


Graeme Fowler 

Non-flash version



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Self-Harm and Suicide


Self-harm and

Non-flash version


Kevin Saxelby on Depression

Non-flash version


How to get help


How to get help

Non-flash version



PCA Confidential Helpline


PCA  Confidential 
Help line



For more information on the tutorials contact Jason Ratcliffe on 07768 558050 or jratcliffe@thepca.co.uk

Special thanks to Dr Alys Cole-Kinghttp://www.connectingwithpeople.org/.



Tim Abrose

Darren Cousins





Anxiety and Depression

Mind Infoline

0300 123 3393

U Can Cope


PCA Confidential Helpline
0844 800 6873 (UK) +44 (0) 1373 858080 (International)





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