PCA England Legends captain Alex Tudor is looking forward to representing the Trust at Finals Day

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Former England cricketer, Alex Tudor, has hailed the impact of the Professional Cricketers’ Trust and its extensive work with current and former players.

The 44-year-old, who is captain of the PCA England Legends team, will be in the Sky Sports commentary box this weekend at the Vitality Blast Finals Day, where the tournament will officially support the Professional Cricketers’ Trust for a third year in succession.

The Trust will collaborate with the ECB and Sky Sports to both highlight the work of, and raise funds for, the players’ charity at Finals Day.

Tudor highlighted the work the Trust has done with the likes of former cricketer Winston Davis, who became a tetraplegic after suffering spinal injuries after a fall in St Vincent, the family of former Surrey team-mate Joey Benjamin who were assisted by the Trust after his heart attack at 60-years-old and the work to support Alan Igglesden after major strokes.

“The Trust is massively important and especially for the older generation type of cricketers,” said Tudor, speaking ahead of the Professional Cricketers’ Trust taking centre stage at the Vitality Blast Finals Day. The biggest day in the county calendar will see awareness and funds raised for the charity which provides vital support for players and their immediate families when they are in desperate need.

“I think of Joey Benjamin and Alan Igglesden who have sadly passed away and I think of Winston Davis when he had his accident and there are so many that have fallen on tough times.

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“Lots of former players have fallen into hardship, be it through illness, or career-wise they could not play again. What the PCA and the Trust do to raise money so they can help individuals forge a career after they play – it is sensational.

“To re-educate former players in a different field, if its injury based, making sure the bills are taken care of, so they have that piece of mind and they’ve done that for years now and it’s fantastic.

“The stories that you hear from people that have been touched in that way, it brings tears when we put the videos on and people speaking about it.

“You sometimes do not know how bad someone has had it or been in that situation but knowing that they have the PCA and the Trust there with them, they are not alone.

“And it can give the family a lot of assurance to know that they might not be able to sort it but through the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, the fantastic people that help put money into the pot so to speak and advice and help, the resources, its quality.

“From the players, we are forever grateful for the people that support that and continue to support.”

The Professional Cricketers’ Trust is a registered charity created to support the life-long health and wellbeing of PCA members and their immediate families.

Today’s game is faster, more competitive, more public, and more pressurised than ever before. Even the happiest professional career in cricket means long stretches away from home and financial uncertainty driven by short-term contracts.

Few careers carry so much uncertainty as that of a professional cricketer but thanks to the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, past and present players have a vital support network which helps them to prepare for and readjust in the world beyond cricket.

Whether you play for a men’s team or women’s team, for a week or a decade, every professional cricketer in England and Wales is a life-long member of the PCA; and that means they can count on the Professional Cricketers’ Trust for support.

“I am excited to be working at the Blast Finals Day – it makes it special we are supporting the Professional Cricketers’ Trust.”

“I used to do it back in the day for the BBC and I did it on TalkSport, but this is my first time with Sky Sports, and I cannot wait.

“Yeah, I am excited, I have been watching on Finals Day before and the excitement is incredible.

“One team will get longer rest, the team that plays second has a quick turnaround, you can talk about the disadvantages.

“The half-time mascot race, the weather set fair as well so it should be an outstanding day.

“You’re going to see four good teams, it’s going to be a great spectacle,” said Tudor.

The Professional Cricketers’ Trust provides vital support to past and present cricketers in England and Wales and their immediate families when in desperate need. The charity’s work is all encompassing, whether it be for unforeseen physical or mental needs.  Vitality Blast Finals Day is supporting the players’ charity – to find out more about the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, visit professionalcricketerstrust.org

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