The PCA comment on findings of racial harassment and bullying.

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It is with deep regret that Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s independent investigation has shown that Azeem Rafiq has been victim of racial harassment and bullying with a number of allegations made by Rafiq being upheld.

Despite requests to obtain the report, the PCA received Roger Hutton’s statement and summary of the Panel’s report and recommendations on Friday morning, minutes before it was made public.

The PCA has remained in regular dialogue with Rafiq throughout the process during what has been an extremely distressing time. The PCA applauds Rafiq and the great courage he has shown in speaking out about his experiences. There is simply no place for racism in cricket, and what Rafiq experienced was unacceptable and the game owes him an apology.

The PCA continue to offer support to any members who have suffered with discrimination and bullying in our role of representing professional cricketers in England and Wales.

In light of these findings, the PCA has only seen the report for the first time today, so we will now thoroughly review the contents in consultation with our Board.

PCA Chief Executive, Rob Lynch, said:

“This outcome highlights the need for not just Yorkshire CCC but the whole game to continue to educate and learn about inclusive behaviours to eradicate all forms of racism and discrimination from cricket and this is a responsibility the PCA takes very seriously.

“In July 2020 the PCA created an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group with an aim to ensure professional cricketers work in an inclusive environment protected from discrimination where every player is actively supported and included, and has the knowledge and support necessary to challenge any form of discrimination.

“This work is ongoing and as an organisation we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure no one has to experience the ordeal Azeem has endured in cricket.”

More information on the EDI Working Group can be found here.