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Study Launched Into Fast Bowling 18/09/2003

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Study Launched Into Fast Bowling – 18/09/2003 A detailed medical study has been launched which investigates the impact that fast bowling can have on cricketers spines. In-depth Study The research is looking at the causes of lower back pain in professional cricketers. Using the latest biomechanical techniques and working with a combination of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and powerful software programmes, researchers will look at the relationship between bowling action and lumbar muscle asymmetry. PCA Funded The PCA (Professional Cricketer’s Association), realizing the impact this research could have on future generations of cricketers, have funded the costs of all scanning. Medical First Team Thirty-seven professional cricketers were scanned as part of the study. The research is being run by Craig Ranson, Physiotherapist at Derbyshire CCC, Dr Angus Bennet, Lecturer in Biomechancics from Edith Cowan University in Australia in association with Mr. Mark Batt, who is Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Queens Medical Centre Nottingham. ECB fast bowling coach, Troy Cooley is also working closely with the project. For More Information For more information on the project, contact: David Leatherdale Telephone 07990 558681Email Craig Ranson Chief Physiotherapist Derbyshire CCC 07796 938 552