Tips on how to keep your mind fresh during an unprecedented period of social distancing.

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, professional cricketers, like the rest of society, are facing unprecedented times with many already forced into self-isolation.

The PCA is in regular contact with ECB management and will provide updates to all issues relating to players as soon as possible.

Disruption to training and every day duties is inevitable so to ease the burden on your mental wellbeing, the PCA have produced a guide full of suggestions to keep your mind active and to make use of your time away from usual activities.


  • Casefile
  • The Catch & Kill
  • I had trials once
  • No Balls – the Cricket podcast
  • Beast of Man
  • S-Town
  • Peter Crouch Podcast
  • Happy Place
  • ESPN 30 for 30
  • Feel Better, Live More
  • Opening Up Cricket Podcast
  • Grade Cricketer
  • Tailenders
  • PCA Transition Podcast

Recommended Reading

  • Penguin – best reads for 2020 guide
  • Emotional Capitalists – Martyn Newman
  • Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  • Back from the Edge – Luke Sutton
  • Double Crossed – Brian Wood
  • Nudge, Improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness – Richard Thaler
  • Leaders eat last – Simon Sinek
  • On Form – Mike Brearley
  • Mindset – Carol Dweck



If you have any recommendations or suggestions to add to this guide please speak to your Personal Development Manager or email