Initiative to showcase changing attitude of sportspeople towards life after sport.

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The Professional Players Federation launches its inaugural ‘Career Transition Week’ today to showcase the work that its member Player Associations do to support players prepare for life after sport and demonstrate the positive approach towards transition taken by today’s generation of sportspeople.

Supported by the Tom Maynard Trust, the week will feature a different theme each day, highlighting the many different areas of development which enable professional sportspeople to not only excel in their chosen sport but also be successful in their second careers.

The Professional Cricketers’ Association is supporting the event which will see the PPF publish a wide range of career transition case studies outlining the key highlights and challenges faced by sportspeople who have transitioned into careers both in sport and in the outside world.  Also, the PPF will release a series of short films featuring a number of sportspeople from across sport focusing on different aspects of transition including mental health, transferable skills, personal development, dual careers and education.

Listen to the 2018 PCA Transition Conference podcast.

The average age a professional cricketers career ends is just 26 so therefore helping players transition into a second career is a key element of the PCA Personal Development and Welfare Programme which will be highlighted throughout the campaign.

The week will also include details on how other sports help prepare their athletes for a second career with support from their association including insights from the Professional Footballers’ Association, Rugby Players Association and Professional Jockeys Association.

Simon Taylor, Chief Executive of the PPF said:

“Results from our past player survey last year highlight that some players can struggle with transition away from sport.  However, Player Associations have some amazing resources to assist players with their career transition. By providing financial, practical and emotional support, the associations help players to develop skills, experience and qualifications to prepare them for their second careers.”

2018 Transition Conference

See what happened when current, recently released and retired cricketers came together at PCA Transition Conference in November.

Lisa Delany, Chair of the PPF Education & Training Committee said:

“Over recent years, all our members have noticed that players are responding far more positively to the whole concept of transition and dual career, as a consequence thinking about life after sport much earlier in their careers.  Many sportspeople don’t know when they may have to retire and it’s vital that they take advantage of the opportunities provided by their Player Associations to develop themselves through transition workshops, training courses, networking events, work experience and education courses.”

Mike Fatkin, trustee of the Tom Maynard Trust said:

“The Tom Maynard Trust is delighted to be supporting this fantastic initiative by the PPF. Career transitioning is a key element of the wider educational and induction programmes we are involved in across a number of sports and any campaign which highlights to sportspeople the importance of thinking ahead and of looking at how they prepare themselves for life after a sporting career is something we would be really keen to encourage.  There’s some wonderful work being done out there to help athletes and this is another great example.”

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