PCA Personal Development and Welfare Programme

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As the representative body of professional cricketers in England and Wales, it is the Professional Cricketers’ Association’s role to represent our members throughout their professional careers. One of the PCA’s core actions is supporting players on and off the field through the Personal Development and Welfare Programme.

The Programme is accessible to all current and former professional cricketers and the twin aims of the Programme are:

  •  To improve the performance of cricketers through easing and minimising potential distractions during their playing career
  • To better prepare cricketers for life after cricket

Trained Personal Development Managers (PDMs) provide support and guidance to players on a variety of issues such as education, career and family whilst keeping their cricketing focus. All first-class counties are supported by six regional PDMs and their aim is to work closely with the players, coaches and support staff to minimise potential concerns and distractions, which could adversely affect a players’ performance or career.

The Programme provides education sessions with academy players through to senior squads whilst supporting the welfare of all PCA members. Below are just a selection of recent workshops which have been delivered throughout England and Wales, specifically for PCA members.

Rookie Camp

The PCA holds an annual Rookie Camp every February which brings together first and second year rookies who have signed their first professional cricket contract. The event educates players on transitioning into the professional game and highlights the support and guidance the PCA offers cricketers throughout and after their professional career.


In 2018, the PCA has teamed up with Mind, the mental health charity to deliver workshops on mental wellbeing to professional cricket academies throughout England and Wales.
The ‘Mind Fit’ sessions, focused on supporting players mental wellbeing with a focus on young sportsmen and sportswomen.

Drink awareness

In 2016, senior squads had educational sessions based on alcohol awareness which involved a number of engaging activities which provided information on understanding units of alcohol and the adverse effects drinking alcohol can have on your body and mind.