PCA and ECB work with agents for players' benefit.

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The Professional Cricketers’ Association and England and Wales Cricket Board held their inaugural Registered Agents Seminar at Edgbaston last week.

Attended by 18 registered cricket agents, the seminar focused on key areas where the PCA, ECB and agents work together for the benefit of players.

Workshops were held with the ECB’s Head of Integrity, county Chief Executives, a specialist sports lawyer, a representative from the new limited overs competition from 2020 as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations.

The constructive day ended with an open session which provided a platform to discuss any issues facing agents and how the relationship between the PCA, ECB and agents could be further improved to benefit the game and the players.

To represent professional cricketers in England and Wales you have to be registered by the PCA and ECB and this is something which is carefully managed to protect the players and the game.

The PCA runs its own contract advice and negotiation service where members receive free of charge support on contractual matters, salary benchmarking and handling negotiations on behalf of the individual player.

PCA host Registered Agents Seminar

Find out how the PCA and ECB held their inaugural Registered Agents Seminar at Edgbaston...

The PCA’s Player Contracts Advisor Rich Hudson organised the event with the aim for it to become an annual seminar.

“The seminar was about getting the registered agents into one room to pick-up our engagement with them,” said Hudson.

“We’ve gone through a period where there has been ad-hoc engagement with agents. There’s so many issues facing the game at the moment it’s really interesting to get them in one place to hear about some of the challenges they face.

“It’s also important to educate them with regards to some of the things we are working on with players. I am sure it has opened the eyes to a lot of the newer agents.

“We want players to make good, educated decisions and to have high quality, well qualified representation."


“It’s always a sensitive dynamic between player association and agent groups but ultimately both have the players’ best interests at heart.

“We want players to make well informed decisions and decisions that will benefit them in the long run. Either through an agent or the PCA, good representation will be of great support to our members.

“We are all working for the benefit of players and it’s important we continue our engagement with the agents.”