ZavFit to advise and support players on the impact money has on their stress, wellbeing and mental health.

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ZavFit, the first health app for money stress, has announced a partnership with the PCA to support players and associates with their mental wellbeing.

With money being the #1 cause of stress globally, ZavFit is uniquely designed to help people identify spending that positively and negatively impacts mental and emotional wellbeing. As the PCA recognises the financial pressures that can be put on players in the modern game, and the importance of improving their mental health, the partnership with ZavFit becomes a logical next step in supporting wellbeing across the board.

Described as a pioneer in health tech, ZavFit has flipped the paradigm around financial wellbeing. Where others focus on the health of finances, ZavFit is focused on the health of individuals as an outcome. The ZavFit app harnesses proven behavioural change techniques to create a personalised MoneyFitness programme for each user based on their general wellbeing and spending habits.

The app will initially be distributed free to the women’s game to recognise the impact of money on their health. The app will create a personalised MoneyFitness plan, designed to take the feelings of guilt and anxiety out of spending. Daily targets will encourage players to try new spending habits that address specific gaps in their wellbeing while avoid targets will help players to avoid spends that may detract from their happiness and wellbeing. Mood tracking is another key feature where players can reflect how they feel about recent purchases.

"Having ZavFit on board is really encouraging the members to try new spending habits and address specific gaps in their wellbeing."


Charlotte Edwards, PCA President, said of the partnership: “We’re strong believers in improving the lives of our members’ mental wellbeing, both on and off the pitch. Being a professional athlete brings huge amounts of pressure and the PCA and the Professional Cricketers’ Trust do vital work in supporting players with their mental health. It’s clear that money is a health problem – not just in cricket but globally. Having ZavFit on board is really encouraging the members to try new spending habits and address specific gaps in their wellbeing.

“We know that money can be taboo topic to talk about but too many people are suffering in silence – by having the ZavFit app and supporting programme, we’re able to help turn negative spending into positive feelings.”

Anna Freeman, Founder and CEO of ZavFit, added: “Society is in a mental health crisis with no strategic direction on how to solve the negative impact money stress has on our mental health. ZavFit is changing this. Our app is uniquely designed to motivate people to create new, healthier spending habits by targeting those feelings of stress, guilt and anxiety. ZavFit’s partnership with the PCA is critical to growing the MoneyFitness movement and helping people understand the connection between money and health. It isn’t about telling the players to spend less, or save more. It’s about helping them become more aware of their spending and using what they have to improve their health and wellbeing.”

The PCA is well known for championing the improvement of players’ welfare through mental health and wellbeing initiatives. Across the men’s and women’s game, the PCA represents all players in England and Wales and once you are a member of the PCA, you are a member for life. A number of high-profile members including Marcus Trescothick, Andrew Flintoff and Sarah Taylor play vocal roles in the support for better wellbeing throughout cricket and the general population.

Thousands more people are set to take part in ZavFit’s Beta community in the coming months. This announcement follows news of leading health, wellbeing, and employee benefits adviser Towergate Health & Protection and specialist insurance company Lloyd & Whyte coming onboard in 2022.

ZavFit is a HealthTech startup, founded by Anna Freeman in 2019 and based in the UK, the ZavFit team brings together some of the brightest minds in HealthTech, FinTech, Neuroscience and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It has been called a game changer by the Health industry.

ZavFit is the first company to identify and address money stress as a health issue.  In response, ZavFit has designed the first health app for money that focuses on improving the health and happiness of the individual as an outcome.