PCA visit academies to inform players as they aim to make the progression into the professional game.

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The Professional Cricketers’ Association has extended its contract advice and negotiation service to first-class academy players, delivering workshops around the country to educate them on progressing into the professional game.

The PCA revolutionised players’ rights when the association was established in 1967 and has evolved to support individual members with their personal contracts with clear and comprehensive contractual support highlighted as one of two core activities for the PCA, alongside the Personal Development and Welfare Programme.

The PCA contract advice and negotiator service was grown on a more formal basis in recent years and in May 2017 the PCA appointed Rich Hudson as Player Contracts Advisor to dedicate a full-time resource to support player needs.

Through the PCA’s service, the association has successfully championed around 50% of the membership in England and Wales in the past 12-months when it comes to support with contracts.

This figure does not include academy players as players do not become members until they play their first first-class match or sign their first professional contract.

In a first for the PCA, 15 first-class academies have received a contracts and agents workshop with all counties set to be educated by the end of the summer.

PCA educates academies on contracts and agents

The PCA have visited 15 academies to deliver a contracts and agents workshop to educate players as they look to make the progression into the professional game.

“The academy sessions are a great opportunity to provide the academy players with an introductory level of education on contracts and agents to demystify all the myths that surround both,” said Hudson.

“For the PCA to be able to sit down with these players at this age is a really powerful tool. To be able to point out some of the key things they need to be aware makes it very beneficial for the young lads and girls.”

The PCA offers contract advice and negotiation services to all its members, providing support on contractual matters, salary benchmarking and handling negotiations on behalf of the individual.

Since the beginning of May 2017 players in England and Wales have benefited by a total of £1,350,000 in salary payments with members at all 18 first-class counties gaining advice on their contracts through the PCA.

Ross Greenwell, currently plays in Durham’s academy and after experiencing the work of the PCA for the first time he believes these kind of workshops are “extremely helpful” as they look to forge a future in the professional game.

“These sessions are all about learning. When you haven’t signed anything before it’s difficult because you don’t have that knowledge and experience,” said Greenwell.

“I’m hoping to sign one soon so knowing what is out there and what I need to look out for is very helpful.”

“It might not have been something I’d thought about if we hadn’t had this meeting so it has been very helpful to be able to look into what the future may hold.”


John Windows, Academy Director at Durham, was part of the session held at Emirates Riverside where 21 academy players were present.

Windows, who has seen stars such as Ben Stokes and Mark Wood progress through Durham Academy, understands the importance of educating the young players and believes the PCA play a vital part in this process.

“The PCA plays a crucial role in giving impartial advice as they always focus on looking after the best interests of the player,” said Windows.

“I’m sure the lads will leave the room with a lot more knowledge, understanding and background to the whole process of signing contracts.”

“The PCA covered all the areas you would want covering as a Director.”