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PCA Announces David Lloyd As New PCA President 04/11/13

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PCA Announces David Lloyd As New PCA President – 04/11/13 The Professional Cricketers’ Association is pleased to announce that David Lloyd is to succeed Chris Broad as PCA President, with immediate effect, following the completion of Broad’s two year Presidency term. David Lloyd needs little introduction to a cricketing audience, being one of the most famous faces – and certainly voices – in the game. Having played, umpired, coached and now commentated at the highest level, ‘Bumble’ has a range of experience to bring to the role of PCA President which few, if any, in the game can match. Angus Porter, PCA Chief Executive, commented, ” Chris Broad has been a wonderful advocate for the PCA in his time as President, and we’re grateful for the intelligence and diligence he has brought to the role. In David Lloyd, we have found the perfect successor.” Mark Wallace, PCA Chairman, added, ” David has long been a supporter of the PCA and he is a very popular choice amongst the players to succeed Chris. We are sure he will bring his own brand of wit and wisdom to bear in the role. We are confident that he will be a passionate and articulate advocate for the work the PCA does to support players past and present.” David Lloyd responded, ” I was the Lancashire PCA representative back in the 1970s, and little thought I would one day be asked to take on the role of President – a role I am delighted to accept. The PCA has grown immeasurably since my time as a player in the range and quality of services it offers, and I am delighted to be able to play a part as it continues to prosper.” {{ak_sharing}}