With men's pilot games completed, PCA Chairman updates members on progress.

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With five out of the scheduled six days of trial 100-ball matches completed, PCA Chairman Daryl Mitchell provides an update to members on progress of the new competition.

“Having played in three games over two days, it is definitely still cricket which is something I, along with lots of other members were sceptical about.

“Generally, the players involved did enjoy the format and there was some good cricket played with a productive feedback session on Sunday.

“However, only 38 PCA playing members participated in these pilot games and as Chairman it is my role to represent every player and we have over 400 members who did not play at Trent Bridge or Loughborough.

“Although the men’s trial games have concluded, the England Women will be having a trial on September 27 so we will wait until that has taken place and then we will survey all current players as we welcome all of their input to present our findings to the ECB.”

"The PCA is heavily involved with numerous working groups to try and form the best competition we can for players to entertain the public."


“The ECB have been in regular dialogue with the players since the announcement of ‘The Hundred’ through small groups and PCA staff so consultation has been good so far.

“However, we are now potentially just over a year away from the first draft so we are on a short timescale. It is important to get things in place and over the next few months there will have to be a blueprint of exactly how this competition is going to work.

“It must also be noted that although the format of the game played in the middle is important, there is so much going on behind the scenes in terms of contracts, squad sizes, payment, and how this competition is going to look from top to bottom.”

Mitchell - New competition update

On Monday afternoon between the trial games, PCA Chairman Daryl Mitchell offered some views on his involvement in the new competition.