PCA partners travelled to Tower Bridge as panellists explained crossover between sport and business.

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Last month, the Professional Cricketers’ Association held their first commercial event of 2019 by bringing together former cricketers and like-minded individuals at the PCA Business Seminar.

PCA partners and guests attended the event with the aim to kick-start the 2019 events programme by relating professional cricket to the world of business at the seminar, held at Gaucho, Tower Bridge.

The annual event is often the first date in the PCA’s calendar and 2019 saw former England spin bowler and Founder of Sporting Edge, Jermey Snape, host a discussion with former athletes with a theme linked to a corporate environment. This year, Snape had a panel of guests as he was joined by former players Matt Dennington, David Nash and Luke Sutton.

All guests arrived at the picturesque venue for an informal networking opportunity before enjoying the famous Gaucho steak and eggs for breakfast before being engrossed in the discussion based upon transitioning from one career to the next.

Business Seminar

Watch how the first event of the PCA's 2019 commercial calendar with the guest panellists explaining the PCA Business Seminar...

While previous themes have focussed on creating winning environments, leadership, teamwork and preparation for Test Matches, all three panellists in 2019 delved into their career to look at their struggles and their route out of the game into highly successful second careers.

All three PCA members left the game via different routes into their current positions as they revealed their inspiring stories through comparing life in the changing room to the corporate environment.

Former Kent all-rounder, Dennington, now the Group Partnerships Director at the McLaren Technology Group, former Middlesex wicketkeeper, Nash, Co-Founder and CEO of D&G Group and former Lancashire and Derbyshire keeper, Sutton, now Co-Founder and Director of Activate Group all gave honest assessments of their careers and paid tribute to the PCA.

With the PCA a non-for-profit organisation, all money from the commercial programme, through events like the Business Seminar, goes directly back to fulfilling the role of championing the ongoing interests of professional cricketers in England and Wales. The Association’s partners and suppliers play a key role in helping to fund the essential educational and welfare work undertaken by the member services department.

"It gives partners a great insight into what it is like being a professional sportsman, the mental battles you face and how you can take those learnings into a workplace."


PCA Business Development Manager Gavin Hamilton hosted a number of businesses who were new to the PCA and explained the importance of the first event of 2019.

“The PCA Business Seminar is a place where we get the majority of PCA partners together to give them the opportunity to listen to panellists who have played cricket professionally and relate it to business.

“It is nice to do something different at the start of the year. To get people together in one room who offer amazing support to the PCA, speak to them and give them some detail about what we have ahead of us this summer and to allow businesses to relate to cricket, which is, exactly what we are trying to do.

“Everything we do is to benefit our members in the short, medium and long term. To provide access to current and former players through events like this and many more throughout the summer is important not only for the player’s personal development but for our partners who want to get to know the players.”

For more information on attending events and partnership opportunities please contact PCA Business Development Manager, Gavin Hamilton, 020 7449 4226 or gavin.hamilton@thepca.co.uk.