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FICA CEO Speaks Out On Zim Dispute – 27/05/2004

FICA CEO Speaks Out On Zim Dispute – 27/05/2004 Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (FICA) Chief Executive, Mr Tim May, commenting about the ongoing Zimbabwean cricket crisis, renewed FICA’s position that the ICC Executive Board should consider more than just the dilution of the standard of international cricket at the Executive Board’s meeting in London next month. ” It is the strong position of FICA and its member Player Associations, that the present Zimbabwean crisis is more than just a perceived dilution in the value of international cricket” ” The real issue, and the issue that the ICC Executive Board should give ultimate priority to, concerns the VALUES of cricket.” The values of cricket are its core values, publicly stated the ICC’s 2001 -05 Strategic Plan. The ICC has stated that it will uphold these values. Core values which have been endorsed by the ICC and its ten Test Playing Nations, include; • Equality – To promote and encourage participation regardless of race, religion, gender, age or ability • Integrity – To demand the highest standard of moral and ethical behaviour ” These are the matters that the ICC June meeting must discuss, investigate and determine” ” The current dispute between the ZCU and 15 of its players has been highlighted with allegations of immoral and unethical behaviour and allegations of discrimination of colour and region. ” The ICC Executive Board must be compelled to thoroughly investigate these claims. ” The ICC has been vigilant over the past few years in tightening and policing player behavioural standards, stressing the importance of the Spirit of Cricket and the need to remove discrimination of any type from the game. ” These values must equally apply to the governors of the game. ” FICA believe that should the ICC Executive Board fail to investigate these allegations, that apathy will permeate the player ranks, but more importantly, 15 brave and talented men who had the guts to stand up for their principles, maybe lost to the game of International cricket. Mr May also confirmed that the Zimbabwean players had invoked the ICC Dispute Resolutions procedure last week. ” It is imperative that the ICC apply such procedure in the most time efficient manner in order to bring the dispute between players and the ZCU to a swift conclusion” The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) was established in 1998 to co-ordinate the activities of all national players’ associations which protect the interests of professional cricketers throughout the world. It brings together all of the world’s cricketers, regardless of nationality, religion, political persuasion or race, under an international body focuses on matters of general interest to the game and its players.