The Warwickshire squad has been aided in their preparation for the 2019 season after taking a trek up the Malvern Hills with ‘The Leadership Margin’, facilitated through the Professional Cricketers’ Association.

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The ‘Walk and Talk’ featured a three hour hike, interjected with key topics of discussion around confidence, teamwork and leadership which took place with the senior squad just days before the start of their County Championship opener against Kent.

The Leadership Margin focus on motivational speaking and team building with Directors, Harry and Rosie Bartlett leading the walks. Harry spent 25 years in UK Special Forces while Rosie, a former professional ballet dancer team up to offer their unique perspective of performing under pressure.

The company was set-up in 2012 with the intention of reaching out to people with differing learning styles. This has since developed with all programmes bespoke to the participating group, which in the past, has included England’s rugby union team as well as Lancashire CCC.

The workshop was organised through the PCA’s Personal Development and Welfare Programme with PCA Personal Development Manager Lynsey Williams and in-conjunction with Warwickshire Head Coach Jim Troughton.

Warwickshire’s PCA rep Olly Hannon-Dalby described the ‘Walk and Talk’ as fulfilling two purposes with the club’s strength and conditioning department wanting the squad to spend hours on their feet as preparation for the season while the inspirational conversations gave the squad a mental edge ahead of their season opener at Edgbaston on Thursday.

“Prior to the season you do a lot of bowling and batting but if you are getting ready to do a day in the dirt it’s not something you really practice so to be stood up on your legs for a long period of time was beneficial.

“It was a brilliant afternoon talking about some really relevant subjects at the top of the Malvern Hills looking out across Worcestershire and Herefordshire. Being on the top of a big hill, the environment means you are much more open and can talk to teammates without distractions.

“The main topics covered were around confidence and how it effects side, teamwork and some of the common traits of a good and bad team and our final topic was leadership and how everyone can be a leader, it doesn’t matter if you are the captain or an 18-year-old on debut.

“Hearing military examples, it’s a very different world to what we live in because when lives are on the line it’s a bit different from trying to bowl an away-swinger at Edgbaston.

“Hearing military examples, it’s a very different world to what we live in because when lives are on the line it’s a bit different from trying to bowl an away-swinger at Edgbaston."


“There is no doubt about it, we do live in a bubble and we sometimes think cricket is the be all and end all and it is definitely not. Going somewhere away from cricket was certainly very helpful and realising we all have things in common and skills that are transferable to different occupations. It does make you think about leadership and transferable skills.”

Director of The Leadership Margin, Rosie, further explained the need for a new environment with fresh faces, air and eyes to address the Bears squad.

“By raising the heart rate slightly through exercise combined with high O2 saturation levels aid thought as well as getting people out of their normal routine. An open setting such as the beautiful Malvern Hills feels less pressured due to environmental factors and opens up space, both physical and mental.

“It was a great few hours with the Warwickshire squad, the younger members of the squad engaged with enthusiasm and the more seasoned pros were open and supportive with strong ideas and curiosity.”

For more information on The Leadership Margin contact info@theleadershipmargin.co.uk