Finalists including Dom Bess and Richard Gleeson discuss the importance of the Professional Cricketers’ Trust.

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The Professional Cricketers’ Trust is the official charity partner of Vitality Blast Finals Day, with fundraising efforts going on throughout the day and players from each team have spoken out on their support of the players’ charity.

The Trust was created to support the health and wellbeing of PCA members who have entertained cricket supporters over the years on the pitch for when they are in desperate need for help.

A number of past and present players have spoken so openly on support they have received, with Yorkshire Vikings spinner Dom Bess joining Hampshire Hawks seamer Chris Wood who are set to feature on Saturday having both received varying support.

More recently, former Somerset batter Arul Suppiah has revealed the torture of his eating disorder while former Yorkshire all-rounder Jamie Hood has spoken about living life to the full despite no mobility below his neck following a freak accident.

With the Trust taking centre stage for Finals Day, awareness of the small charity will be raised with the aim to create funds from activities such as the famous mascot race.

The Trust relies on generosity from the cricket family with no funding partner. With all money raised on the day going to those who are in need, those who will be entertaining the Edgbaston crowd have spoken about their love for their charity.

Dom Bess

“Back in 2019, I was really struggling with my mental health, I certainly fell down into a real dark hole and that was a bad place to be,” said Bess, who has now moved from Somerset to Yorkshire.

“I really started to not only hate cricket but every sort of aspect away from it as well, I really struggled with everything.

“The Trust allowed me to open up and get help and having certain people at my old club Somerset was huge. Marcus Trescothick is a massive influence within the Trust, actually then I was able to get through to the PCA [Professional Cricketers’ Association] to get help.

“And that was funded through the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, that was all done as well out of my hands so I didn’t have to worry about anything, everything was set up for that.

“For me, it was actually a stepping stone to get back to reality, getting back to really enjoying myself. I think I was at the time a 21-year-old and actually to just get back to reality and get me back in the world almost, that was really important to me.

“Then in terms of my actual cricketing career from there I went out to South Africa with England and did pretty well.

“I do tend to believe that at the end of that summer if I hadn’t reached out, I really don’t know where I would be and that’s the harsh reality of it. It is a massive lifeline.”

Richard Gleeson

“Obviously, everything the Trust does is for the cricketers and for the players and just to have them there and to be able to support them, grow them and build on their reputation,” he said.

“Because everything they do is outstanding work for the cricketers, they are there if we ever need them.

“It is a great safety blanket to have. You never know what’s around the corner, I experienced it myself with injuries, it could be anything, illnesses or family members. So, it’s great to be able to support them so that they can support us.”

“I was in a situation that cricket for two months wasn’t there. It was an unknown for me whether I was going to be able to play again after last season.

“Just having that support from the Trust is a massive benefit.

“And the world doesn’t stop turning just because cricket’s maybe not there anymore, you have to get on with it and to have that extra level of support is massive because things can get on top of you.”

Chris Wood

“It means a lot for cricket, but also, for me personally,” Wood said. “Obviously, the experience I have had, and they were there for me for a time of need.

“If they were not there to be able to give me the services that they have, with Sporting Chance, I potentially would not be paying in Final Days at all.

“I would not know where my journey would be in life in general right now, so I have got a huge amount of gratitude for the Trust, as I know that a lot of fellow professional players do as well.

“The help they were able to provide was for me to go down to Liphook where Sporting Chance’s base is and to be able to have essentially 15 to 18 one-to-one therapy sessions to help me start my journey into recovery from a gambling addiction.

“I really want to highlight the work of the Professional Cricketers’ Trust to show people that there is hope coming through any addiction or any mental health problems at all with itself.”

Lewis Gregory

“It’s obviously amazing for the sport and for sport in general, and the welfare of athletes participating in sport.

“No-one’s immune to having these issues and the more we can get it out there and to have people involved like Tres, who is taking an active part in the charity and getting behind it like he is, is only going to help grow the charity.

“We’ll have more ways of being able to help, whether it’s small or whether it’s huge.

“It’s a special Trust, a special charity and it helps a lot of players.

“To have the ECB and Sky on board to help promote it and help get funds in for the charity is only going to help it in how it can help people along the way in their needs.”

The Professional Cricketers’ Trust provides vital support to past and present cricketers in England and Wales and their immediate families when in desperate need. The charity’s work is all encompassing, whether it be for unforeseen physical or mental needs.  Vitality Blast Finals Day is supporting the players’ charity – to find out more about the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, visit

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