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The PCA has launched a brand new online learning resource, ‘Finding The Gaps’, to build on the success of the Social Isolation Guide which was introduced throughout the initial stages of the Coronavirus crisis.

The resource forms part of the PCA’s Personal Development and Welfare Programme that is in place to support all current and former players. The programme aims to enable individuals to excel and develop sustainable performances within and outside of cricket.

The guide will focus on the four pillars of the programme through engaging content including videos, Q&As, activities and podcasts. Every two weeks there will be updated suggestions, tips and advice to support members based on the four key areas: Career Development, Welfare & Wellbeing, Change & Transition and Professional Behaviours.

Throughout the year, themes will be based around the climate at the time with the aim to find gaps in knowledge or to build upon existing awareness on topics to help PCA members in their career and personal life.

The first edition is based around a return to normality, controlling the controllables while having one eye on the future…

Career Development

Want to get – and stay – employed through 2030? 10 jobs to consider…

For some, the difficulty of knowing what you might want to do after your cricket career has finished can be daunting and can be a barrier to career planning. With an ever changing job market and many uncertainties ahead due to COVID, this article might help get the planning started with some potential in-demand jobs.


Welfare & Wellbeing

Gratitude Journaling

After this long break, how grateful are you to be back in training? How often do you take time to reflect on the things that you are grateful for? Writing only three things down a day that you are grateful for, be that something that has happened in the past 24 hours or something more consistent, has been shown to support a range of positive health outcomes. This article provides some tips and ideas about how you can introduce this to your daily routine.


Change & Transition

Control the Controllable in Sports…

Thankfully, training has started back up and competitive cricket is on the horizon. After three months of sitting around waiting for it, the transition back into the performance mindset will come with challenges. There is still so much uncertainty around the game and life in general and this article touches on identifying how we can stay calm in the chaos and identify what we can control to achieve positive outcomes.


Professional Behaviours

Follow Through with LVB: Natalie Hogg…

PCA member Logan Van Beek is back with another great guest in Dr. Natalie Hogg who is a Sports Psychologist working in a range of high performance environments in New Zealand. This episode covers topics that will strike a chord with all players, from performance anxiety, coping with injuries, enjoying a sporting career and strategies to control the mind.