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The PCA has launched a brand new online learning resource, ‘Finding The Gaps’, to build on the success of the Social Isolation Guide which was introduced throughout the initial stages of the Coronavirus crisis.

The resource forms part of the PCA’s Personal Development and Welfare Programme that is in place to support all current and former players. The programme aims to enable individuals to excel and develop sustainable performances within and outside of cricket.

The guide will focus on the four pillars of the programme through engaging content including videos, Q&As, activities and podcasts. Every two weeks there will be updated suggestions, tips and advice to support members based on the four key areas: Career Development, Welfare & Wellbeing, Change & Transition and Professional Behaviours.

Throughout the year, themes will be based around the climate at the time with the aim to find gaps in knowledge or to build upon existing awareness on topics to help PCA members in their career and personal life.

Scroll to read suggestions from issue 2 of the Finding The Gaps and click below to view the catalogue.

Finding The Gaps - Resource Catalogue

Career Development

Online Courses to Supercharge Your Career Development…

The jobs market is ever changing requiring new skills and knowledge to keep up to speed. There are countless options to support your development but these free 8 online courses will help set you up for life after cricket. Focusing on both soft and hard skills, the variety of course content will help maximise your transferable skills and assist you in becoming a rounded employee.


Welfare & Wellbeing

How being realistic can be key to your wellbeing

Are you someone who thinks they are going to get 100 every time you go out to bat? Or someone who thinks now cricket has started it’s going to rain every day? New research has shown that being somewhere in the middle, a realist, is key to maximising your wellbeing and finding a life of contentment.

If this article is of interest and starts to get you thinking, try The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman which explores different strategies to reach happiness without having to be an eternal optimist.


Change & Transition

7 Factors Transitioning Athletes Face…

Goldie Sayers, three time Olympian, joins VSI for a webinar to discuss the key factors that athletes face when leaving their sport. With so much change happening in the working world and uncertainty on the financial health of professional sport, this information is more important than ever.


Professional Behaviours

Psychological Safety in Team Environments…

This Saturday sees the start of competitive cricket again. With that will come success and challenges that will be shared amongst teammates. Working through these effectively, ensuring high-performance can rely on psychological safety which is the belief that group members won’t be punished for mistakes. This article delves deeper into what psychological safety is and strategies to increase it within your team environment.