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Sarah and Georgina Fowler Talk About Living with Clinical Depression – 03/12/13

In the next stage of our Mind Matters Series, we’re telling the story of depression/mental health from the 'silent sufferers’ who live with the people suffering from the illness. 

Sarah and Georgina Fowler have bravely come forward to talk about their much-loved husband/father and what it’s been like to share the consequences of his illness.

Again, it's about educating, growing awareness and de-stigmatising through a previously untold side of the story.

If we consider that 1 in 4 people will have a mental health episode, whether it be a short episode or prolonged over a period of time, then what are the numbers affected by mental health issues overall amongst wives/girlfriends, husbands/boyfriends, children and friends?

We're hoping that Sarah and Georgina's interview will put more of a spotlight on the whole subject, which should help everybody understand the implications in much greater depth.

PCA members and their families have access to our professional support services and we hope that the overall 'Fowler family' story will urge our members to seek help should there be a need. 

After a year of concerted work on this Series, the number of members who are part of our support network has doubled.

If the knock-on effect of telling this story can also help the wider general population, that can only be a good thing.

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