Personal Statement Examples

- A self-motivated individual with excellent teamwork skills combined with the discipline to work extremely well on his own if required. Strong organisational and communication skills involving the ability to disseminate information and knowledge whilst listening and putting into practice advice and instructions.

- I am an outgoing, hardworking individual who is eager to be challenged. I am extremely determined, self-motivated and self-disciplined and have always sought a successful career that would engage my interests. My experiences through work and the contact I have had with professional athletes and young people alike, has taught me the importance of being able to build a professional relationship both quickly and long lasting. As an ambitious individual, I have excellent teamwork skills combined with the discipline to work extremely well on my own if required, and would be well suited to a dynamic and progressive industry where innovative hard work is rewarded.

- Being a Professional Cricketer has developed a number of key skills that are invaluable in other areas of work. Commitment, determination and hard work are a few of the qualities required to be a successful elite sportsman. Sacrifices have been made and strict regimes met to continue the improvement of personal skills and the perseverance to succeed. Being part of a team that consists of people from a variety of backgrounds has created interpersonal skills that are essential to the attainment of both team and personal goals.

- Professional Cricketer for the past two years, who is adept at sharing responsibilities and working constructively with others, whilst having a keen sense of personal responsibility. Able to cope with the unexpected and has the ability to improvise and recognise the need for change. Articulate in conveying ideas within a group, with the experience of giving and receiving feedback. Very disciplined and self-motivated individual, with the capacity to set and achieve goals, both professionally and personally. Interest in differing cultures, through tours of developing nations and residence in Australia.

- An international athlete with a degree in Marketing. An ambitious individual and an exceptional team member, highly self-motivated and able to motivate others. Looking for a challenging position that will complement an intensive training programme.

- I work well in an intense team environment which demands dedication, loyalty and adaptability. As the Professional Cricketers’ Association Representative, my efficiency at organisation and communication is recognised. Furthermore, this requires the trust of the team members, the PCA itself and the club administration. With my scientific background, I have the ability to assimilate and analyse data and information effectively. My profession has inevitably led to some public speaking and a relationship with the cricketing media.
The combination of intense university studies with captaincy and management of successful sports teams, as well as cricket, highlighted leadership qualities, organisational skills and tenacity.

- Through my professional career I have always tried to play hard but fair, to encourage others to achieve personal success but to emphasise that the team always comes first. Through my coaching, I try to give something back to the game that has served me well for over twenty years and to develop the potential of young cricketers.

- A confident and self-motivated individual with the commitment and flexibility to work in a changing environment. Resourceful and innovative personality, enjoys working within a sporting field and thrives in a busy and challenging environment. A strong team player, unselfish and trustworthy with (X) years as a professional cricketer with (???) County Cricket Club.

- An outgoing, hard working individual who is eager to be challenged. Extremely determined, self-motivated and self-disciplined seeking a successful career that will engage my interests. Highly approachable, with a good sense of humour and good general attitude to life. I enjoy a wide variety of sports for recreation and have played both hockey and football competitively. Other interests include travelling, music, media, debating and socialising.

- I am a highly motivated individual who enjoys new challenges. Due to the nature of working in sport, I have learnt to be flexible not only in time commitments but also the way I approach my work. I have gained many skills including communicating effectively, presenting to children and adults, becoming efficient on all Microsoft applications and I have learnt to manage my time to make sure I get the best out of myself and my work. I am a quick learner and am always looking for ways of developing new skills to improve both my coaching and administrative skills.



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