Permanent Disablement

David Fulton has allowed the PCA to show footage of how he sustained a serious eye injury, graphically illustrating how easily accidents can occur in our professional game, and how crucial it is to be properly insured.

Fulton said: "There was a very real possibility I might never have played cricket again after the blow in the nets rendered me half blind in my right eye. If this had been the case I would have regretted not having taken out extra units on my insurance policy through the PCA. You always think you're invincible as a professional sportsman but things can happen outside of your control."

Click here to view the video.

The PCA provides cover for all playing members (who are not otherwise insured by the ECB), who suffer a career ending 

accident or illness, 24 hours a day, 365 days per week. Cover includes:

  • Overseas players contracted to a county, but only whilst playing within the UK and for their county overseas
  • MCC Young Professionals
  • Players registered with a county (but not under contract), whilst participating in or travelling to or from matches and for training sessions - £5,000 limit applicable.

Up to age 21


Age 22 to 27 inc.


Age 28 to 29 inc.


All Others


Cover is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy, a copy of which can be provide on request, but for a summary please click the thumbnail below.


Contact Jason Ratcliffe on 020 7449 4228 / 07768 558050


Temporary Disablement


This policy has now ceased. Any questions, please refer to Jason Ratcliffe

£90 per week - 1 week excess period - uncapped.
£90 per week - 2 week excess period - capped.




You have the ability to buy extra units to increase the values shown above for your age group.


 Dave Fulton



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